Making a Quick Decision

January 1, 2006

Greg Costello
15683 Hollywood Drive
Sun City West, FL 34731-3523

Dear Mr. Costello:
_______________(DATE) was one of the most memorable days of my professional career. Meeting with you and _______________(NAME) gave me tremendous insight into the field and profession for which _______________(COMPANY) has earned such an outstanding reputation.
Since you are going to reach a decision quickly, I would like to mention the following points which make me uniquely qualified for the position we discussed: I am an upstanding, motivated and organized individual, and have proven myself in previous work experiences. At _______________(COMPANY), I was frequently assigned many challenging tasks, well beyond the range of my normal duties. I am confident that I could be a vital asset to your company.

I believe that I have the exact background that you are seeking. I will call again next week to check on the progress of your search.


Drew Sterling