Vision for the Future

January 1, 2006

Joe Lackey
86862 Seventh Court
Shawsville, VA 24162

Dear Mr. Lackey:
With an upcoming plan to move to the _______________(LOCATION) area, I have spent a considerable amount of time researching various employment opportunities. _______________(COMPANY) is known to have a determined, corporate course of action designed to reach a single goal: become the world's leading _______________(FIELD). I am more than interested in joining a firm with a committed vision of the future.
In over _______________(NUMBER) years as a/an _______________(TITLE), I have gained the knowledge and insight necessary to successfully address the many challenges presented in an ever-changing marketplace. I have the depth of experience it takes to make a positive contribution.

My resume is enclosed. I am eager to discuss with you personally a possible role for me with _______________(COMPANY). I will call you next week to see about arranging an interview.


Drew Sterling