Relevant Background


Date: 1/1/06
To: Maria Crane
From: Drew Sterling
Re: Resume for ____________(TITLE), ______(NUMBER), _________(DEPARTMENT) at _____________(COMPANY)

Dear Maria,

In response to the ______________(TITLE) position you have posted on _________(WEB SITE), I am sending you a copy of my resume. With over _______(NUMBER) years of experience in _________(FIELD), I believe that my background is right for the position that you have described.

My background is entirely involved in ___________(FIELD), with the majority of it in ___________(TITLE) and __________(TITLE) roles. Upon joining ________(COMPANY), I helped ____________________ (ACCOMPLISHMENT). While at ___________(COMPANY) I held a few ________(FIELD) positions. I look forward to discussing with you how my experience can directly be applied to the position you are looking to fill.

Drew Sterling