Coworker Referrence

January 1, 2006

Vincent Albright
88471 Howard Lane
Shawsville, VA 24162

Dear Mr. Albright:
_______________(NAME) suggested that I contact you. He/She and I have worked together in the past on various projects and have learned to respect and admire each other's professionalism and work ethic.
I began my career in _______________(FIELD) with _______________(COMPANY) in _______________(YEAR). Since then I have established myself and my reputation in the field with _______________(NUMBER) years of continual experience. My latest assignment is with _______________(COMPANY) as a/an _______________(TITLE). I am now ready to make a change and _______________(NAME) thought you might be able to assist me.

I will take the liberty of calling you next week to see if we can schedule a time to meetÑperhaps go to lunch. Your insight and perception are of tremendous value to me and I look forward to meeting with you.


Drew Sterling