Reliable and Dependable

January 1, 2006

Kent Doyle
47937 Fairway Terrace
Suite 220
Arlington, TX 76016

Dear Mr. Doyle:

Over the past _______________(NUMBER) years I have had the opportunity to work with _______________(NAME) on over _______________(NUMBER) different projects, including _______________(TITLE).

I have always felt very fortunate to have a solid relationship with _______________(NAME) and to know that all of our company's needs would be met during each project. _______________(NAME) consistently worked in a very professional manner that impressed everyone with the company. We learned that we could always count on _______________(NAME) for providing service in a reliable and flawless manner. We highly recommend his/her ability and service.

If you have any questions regarding _______________(NAME)'s work with our company, don't hesitate to call me at _______________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling