Team Manager

January 1, 2006

Maria Peterman
60725 Willow Court
Shawsville, VA 24162

Re: Advertised Position for __________(TITLE)

Based on your advertisement, I believe that ___________(COMPANY) operates by the same rules and values to which I adhere:

Teamwork á Respect á Responsibility á Self-motivation á Empowerment á Responsiveness á Fairness
Ð these values have always been central to my life and my career, from functioning as the voluntary coordinator for __________(INSTITUTION), to implementing change management strategies restructuring a demoralized work environment into a highly motivated enthusiastic team, to driving transformation processes rocketing a multi-million dollar global corporation from an industry position of ____(NUMBER) to number ___(NUMBER) within a __(NUMBER)-year period.
Please consider the following key strengths aligned with your criteria:

Management, Leadership & Team Building:
¤ History of accepting full accountability for divisional direction, strategic management and revenue enhancement strategies. As a motivational leader consistently achieved outstanding results in challenging environments while building and maintaining strong relations.
Ù Turned negative anti-management culture into productive, cooperative environment through hands-on rectification of staff issues resulting in improved morale and service performance.

Operational Design & Profit Enhancement Strategies:
¤ Spearheaded transformation process to advance industry standing from ____(NUMBER) to number ___(NUMBER) within __(NUMBER)-year period.
Ù Outstripped all projections to attain profitable operations within ___(NUMBER) months.
Ù Blitzed all previous audits by __(NUMBER)%.

Quality Innovative Services:
¤ Personally managed portfolio of key clients providing forward-thinking HR solutions and performance management training.
¤ Conceived and effected ÒEmployee Support ServiceÓ providing grass roots counseling and guidance to support personnel experiencing challenging personal circumstances.

Realizing that nothing can substitute for personal contact, it would be mutually advantageous to meet with you to discuss the expertise I offer to your organization. If you agree, please contact me at __________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling