Direct and Concise


Date: 1/1/06
To: Maria Crane
From: Drew Sterling
Re: Resume for ____________(TITLE), ______(NUMBER), _________(DEPARTMENT) at _____________(COMPANY)

Dear Maria,

I am responding to the _________________________(TITLE) position. I have _____(NUMBER) years of experience in the _____________________(FIELD) industry. I have managed cross-functional teams and delivered complex projects with aggressive timelines during the past ____(NUMBER) years (or other key contribution). I have an excellent understanding of the ______________(ACTIVITY) process and __________(ITEM) life cycle.

Academically, I have _______________(DEGREE) in ________________(FIELD). With my extensive experience in the ______(FIELD) industry and strong academic background, I am confident of contributing very well to your company. I am attaching my resume and look forward to talking with you.

Drew Sterling