Received Award

January 1, 2006

Ron Aliotta
37985 Seventh Place
Annandale, NH 03461

Dear Mr. Aliotta:

Due to the reputation of _______(COMPANY) as a leader in the field of _______________(FIELD), I am interested in exploring the possibility of employment with your firm in a/an _______________(TITLE) capacity. I have _________(NUMBER) years experience as a ________(TITLE), which applies many of the same skill sets and management style as a _____________(TITLE).

My enclosed resume illustrates the extensive experience I have in ___________(FIELD), ____________(FIELD), and _______________(FIELD). I have excelled in _______________(ACTIVITY) and ______________(ACTIVITY), and was recognized with a ____________(TITLE) Award by the __________(TITLE) Committee. These skills are also important to a ________________(FIELD) career, and are easily transferred to succeed in that capacity.

Based upon my job experience and educational qualifications, I am confident that I can succeed and bring value to __________(COMPANY). I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my credentials with you during a personal interview, and will follow-up with you next week to see about your interest.


Drew Sterling