Mutual Benefits

January 1, 2006

Jennifer Clever
91217 Normandy Blvd.
Indianapolis, TX 78247

Dear Ms. Clever:
_______________(NAME) gave me your name and suggested that it would be a mutually beneficial opportunity for us to meet. I have known _______________(NAME) for many years and highly value his/her opinion and influence in the community.
Currently I am _______________(TITLE) of _______________(COMPANY). I have elected to make a career change in order to pursue a company that offers long-term advancement prospects. _______________(NAME) thought you might be able to help lead me in the right direction.
Perhaps we could arrange a meeting in the next few days to discuss this. How does your calendar look the week of _______________(DATE)? I will call to confirm that you received this letter and to see if a meeting can be arranged.


Drew Sterling