Winning Attitude

January 1, 2006

Herbert Moore
45010 Fifth Blvd.
Nashville, IL 60047

Dear Mr. Moore:

As an experienced Sales Professional, I know how important a positive attitude and friendliness are to achieving sales goals and earning repeat business. I consistently use these skills and have earned a reputation for outstanding performance and exceeding sales and service goals.

Enclosed is my resume for your review. Along with my resume, please also consider the following personal characteristics and skills:

¤ Known for outstanding customer service as quoted from customer, Taylor Anderson, Director of Accounts, Anderson Inc: ÒI watched him (Drew) interact with many customers. His approach varied with each situation and was always friendly and appropriate. You would have loved to watch him up sell the guy waiting for an international flight. It was pure retail beauty.Ó

¤ Determining customer needs. Customer, Sam Catello, VP Marketing, Planning & Business Development for the General Construction Company wrote, ÒÉwhat an outstanding representative he (Drew) is Ð his sales and service skills were impressive, and his open and closed probes of customers helped him make sales you otherwise would have missed. In this era of generally poor customer service, people like Mr. Sterling really stand out. You are fortunate to have him on board.Ó

¤ Dedicated and committed with a strong work ethic and self-motivation.

¤ Outstanding oral communication skills, listening effectively and determining customer needs.

I work well with others and am comfortable with a diversity of clientele. I have the unique ability to put customers at ease and quickly establish rapport. I work hard to achieve my goals and would like to use my skills for ___________(COMPANY).

Thank you for reviewing my resume. I look forward to hearing from you.


Drew Sterling