Published Author

January 1, 2006

Scott Wilcox
69238 Seventh Circle
Houston, RI 02886

Mr. Wilcox:

I have ___(NUMBER) years of experience representing small to mid-sized companies in ____________(FIELD) matters. I am interested in transferring my skills to a _________(COMPANY) firm with a broader client base. I would appreciate your assistance in my job search, and have enclosed my resume for your review.

The specific strengths I can bring to another firm are an eagerness to meet clients' needs, the ability to participate as a strong team member, and a history of achieving results that exceed expectations. I am also a published author on the topic of ________________(FIELD), and my articles have appeared in _________________(PUBLICATION) and __________________(PUBLICATION).

I will contact you next week to see about scheduling an appointment. I can also be reached at _______________(PHONE/E-MAIL). Thank you, in advance, for your time.


Drew Sterling