Focus on Achievements

January 1, 2006

Sharon Peters
66258 Bellervue Ave.
Suite 441
Shawsville, VA 24162

Dear Ms. Peters:
I am seeking a/an_______________(TITLE) position with a/an_______________(FIELD) firm, which would utilize my _______________(SKILL) abilities. I am both experienced in all facets of _______________(FIELD) and capable of handling a great deal of responsibility.

With my _______________(NUMBER) year _______________(FIELD) background, I have the depth of experience it takes to make positive contributions. Of key importance has been my ability to handle day-to-day issues while planning and implementing future programs and systems. Some of my achievements are:
¥ ___________________(ACCOMPLISHMENT)
¥ ___________________(ACCOMPLISHMENT)
¥ ___________________(ACCOMPLISHMENT)

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to explore how my experience could best meet your needs. Should you have an appropriate position that is a match for my qualifications and interests, I would welcome a call. Thank you for your consideration.


Drew Sterling