Marketable Skills

January 1, 2006

Ray Gibbert
66929 North First Court
Philidelphia, MN 55446-0396

Dear Mr. Gibbert:
I am planning on moving to the _______________(LOCATION) area this summer. I have always had an interest in the _______________(FIELD) field.

Though I am currently working a temporary job here in _______________(LOCATION), I am still quite interested in your _______________(TITLE) position. This temporary job has helped me to sharpen my skills, which I am sure would make me a more marketable candidate for a position within your company.

Should you wish to meet with me for a formal interview for this position, I am available to travel to _______________(LOCATION) with one week's notice. I will touch base with you next _______________(DATE) about my career possibilities with _______________(COMPANY).


Drew Sterling