Strategic Partnership

January 1, 2006

Greg Beyer
25435 Hammond Road
New Castle, CA 91360-0396

Dear Mr. Beyer:

Despite market and organizational changes, I have had an accelerated and successful career as a __________(TITLE) in domestic and international arenas based on my ability to deliver results during challenging times. I attribute this success to my Òbig pictureÓ perspective of organizational and marketplace dynamics.

The scope of my responsibilities has been diverse and includes direct marketing, customer relationship management, competitive research and analysis, media relations, and team supervision. Among my clients are __________(COMPANY), __________(COMPANY), and __________(COMPANY).

My track record consists of building strong strategic partnerships resulting in successful online and offline campaigns for which I have repeatedly received commendation from clients.

__________(COMPANY)'s market position is one that I am thoroughly familiar with. Currently, I am exploring new career challenges and I am confident your organization would benefit from my experience and commitment. I can positively impact your company's productivity and bottom line by developing and implementing innovative strategies, capturing cost savings, and streamlining marketing operations.

Anticipating your need for leadership with my background, I am enclosing my resume. I would welcome the opportunity to introduce myself and my credentials and discuss your organizational challenges in person. I will contact your office in a few days to arrange a time that is convenient for you. I look forward to meeting or speaking with you soon.


Drew Sterling