January 1, 2006

Kent Cash
53700 Bellevue Common
Glendale, AZ 85308

Dear Mr. Cash:

If you are working with clients looking for a seasoned and dedicated __________(TITLE) Executive in __________(FIELD) or __________(FIELD), I would welcome the chance to discuss the opportunity.

I have over __(NUMBER) years of progressive management experience in both __________(ACTIVITY) and __________(ACTIVITY) within __________(FIELD), __________(FIELD), and __________(FIELD), and expect to obtain my __________(DEGREE) in __________(FIELD) later this year (see also attached resume). My expertise lies in program planning and development, and balancing operational efficiency/bottom line improvements and providing high quality service.

Contributions I can offer your clients:

Bottom line improvements; budget control, turning cost centers into profit centers, and enhancing operational efficiency.
Example: I saved $__(AMOUNT)+ million at __________(COMPANY) through service consolidation, process automation, and operating expense reduction programs.

New program development
Example: I established a 5-star customer service program for __________(COMPANY), increasing customer satisfaction by __(NUMBER)%. The program included creating the first __________(ITEM), which was soon implemented in other areas. I also developed a __(NUMBER)-year Master Plan for __________(DEPARTMENT), managing a $___(AMOUNT) million budget and overseeing up to ___(NUMBER) indirect reports.

Project management
Example: __________(COMPANY) was unable for years to locate a suitable facility for its __________(DEPARTMENT) and had therefore lost its revenue. With the help of my team, I was able to find appropriate real estate and reopen the facility within __ months and under budget.

Although currently employed, I am confidentially exploring career opportunities in the __________(LOCATION) area to maintain a healthy life/work balance by avoiding a daily __(NUMBER)-hour commute. I would anticipate compensation in the $ _____(AMOUNT) to $ _____(AMOUNT) range.

I look forward to discussing your client's specific needs. I can best be reached between the hours of 8:00am and 11:00am at my cell phone: __________(PHONE/E-MAIL) and can make myself available for interviews within a few days' notice.


Drew Sterling