Diverse Background

January 1, 2006

Thomas Mack
79773 West River Place
Philadelphia, MN 55446-0396

Dear Mr. Mack:

I am interested in exploring career opportunities in _______________(FIELD) with _______________(COMPANY), and have enclosed my resume for your review. Should you be in the market for a _______________(TITLE) professional with a diverse background in ___________(FIELD) and ____________(FIELD), I would appreciate it if you would consider my credentials.

As a/an _______________(TITLE) with experience in _______________(FIELD), I feel my background may provide __________(COMPANY) with a better understanding of ___________(ACTIVITY) and _____________(ACTIVITY). I am also knowledgeable on a variety of topics including __________(ITEM), __________(ITEM), and ____________(ITEM).

I would welcome the opportunity for a personal interview to further discuss my qualifications. I will follow-up with you in a couple weeks to see about your interest. Also, I can be reached directly at _____________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling