Complement Company Mission Statement

January 1, 2006

Charles Cordova
80504 Polaris Street
Arlington, TX 76016

Dear Mr. Cordova:
Thank you for the time and courtesy extended to me in our recent meeting at _______________(COMPANY). I went home with a positive impression and a greater knowledge of what it takes to succeed in this industry. According to its Mission Statement, _______________(COMPANY) is built from a strong team of talented individuals with extensive _______________(FIELD) expertise. The organization's emphasis is on understanding the issues underlying new technologies and making innovation a reality. With my background in _______________(FIELD), I know that I could complement your team.

In addition to my experience, skills, and qualifications, I am an experienced team player who brings enthusiasm and energy into group efforts. I know that I can meet and exceed your expectations.

Perhaps we should meet again to further discuss the contributions that I could make to your firm if employed as a/an _______________(TITLE) of your team. Should you agree, I can be reached during office hours at _______________(PHONE/E-MAIL) or at _______________(PHONE/E-MAIL) in the evening.


Drew Sterling