For Entry Level

January 1, 2006

John Engel
25902 Town and Country Drive
Beaverscreek, AZ 85375-0496

Dear Mr. Engel:

I am interested in joining your firm as a/an _______________(TITLE). My interest in this field has developed as a result of my professional experience and my desire to contribute my skills to the maximum.

I would be a very enthusiastic and hardworking addition to your organization. I learn very quickly, believe in my ability to get the job done, and I am a self-starter, able to work independently. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience.

If you believe that _______________(COMPANY) can use a/an _______________(FIELD) professional of my caliber, please give me a call. If I do not hear from you by the _______________(DATE), I will contact you to see if I can do anything to influence your decision.


Drew Sterling