Exceeds Requirements

January 1, 2006

Peter Giles
52329 Veterans Blvd.
Indianapolis, TX 78247

Dear Mr. Giles:

I am very interested in obtaining a position with your company. Enclosed please find my resume for your review.

You will find most of the necessary background information contained in my resume. However, I would like to mention that I am available for immediate employment. I am exploring the job market to obtain a position with a firm that will appreciate my skills and willingness to work eagerly with other people. I can definitely offer you longevity.

As my resume indicates, I have demonstrated commitment to clients and to my employer's goals. That track record is consistent in my career endeavors as well as in my life as a whole. I dedicate myself to whatever task is at hand, marshal my resources and stay with the project until it is completed Ð to my satisfaction. Since my goals and demands are even more stringent than my employers' expectations, I consistently exceed quotas and objectives.

I have enclosed a resume that will highlight and support my objectives. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. I will call you in a few days to acknowledge receipt, answer any questions and discuss the possibility of a meeting. If you prefer, you may reach me in the evening or leave a message at __________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling