Transferable Skills C

January 1, 2006

Thomas Mack
79773 West River Place
Philadelphia, MN 55446-0396

Dear Mr. Mack:

Enclosed is my resume for your review and consideration for the _______________(TITLE) opening. Based on my __________(NUMBER) years experience as a _______________(TITLE), I am confident that my skills in __________(FIELD) and __________(FIELD) are directly applicable to a ____________(TITLE) position with ________(COMPANY).

As a/an ________________(TITLE), I have worked closely with ___________________(TITLE) over my entire career and understand how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Based on my observations, I believe my knowledge of _______________(FIELD), and my ability to _______________(SKILL) and _________________(SKILL), make me an ideal candidate for this job opening.

I am excited about my transition to a ____________(TITLE) position. My experience, education, and enthusiasm will ensure my success in this field. I will call you on ________________(DATE) to discuss this opening. You can also reach me on my cellular phone at ___________(PHONE/E-MAIL) or via e-mail at _____________(PHONE/E-MAIL).


Drew Sterling