Resumes by Industry: Engineering Civil and Structural

Building Inspector

Drew Sterling
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Diversified and extensive experience serving the community as a Certified Building Inspector, Professional Firefighter and Paramedic. Strong background in fire-fighting services, vehicular crash-rescue response, fire-prevention training and assistance, facilitating fire-fighting and fire-safety training, controlling and coordinating operations, responding to hazardous material incidents, and assisting in decontamination operations. In-depth paramedic emergency experiences and functioned as Fire Prevention Inspector. Conducted fire prevention inspections of commercial structures in the business district to enforce ordinances regarding Life-Safety code, BOCA code and NFPA regulations. Skilled Certified Home Inspector and experienced with building construction, plumbing and electrical standards, regulatory and compliance codes.

• Certified Building Inspector • Dependable Self-Starter
• Trainer and Instructor • Skilled Arson Investigator
• Good Communicator at all Levels • Problem Solver
• Team Builder and Player • Excellent Interpersonal Skills
• Technically Knowledgeable


CITY OF NAPERVILLE, Naperville, Illinois
1999 - Present
Building Inspector, Community Development Department
• Inspect new and existing structures as well as materials/equipment used during construction for compliance with city and state building codes, mechanical codes and zoning ordinances
• Approve plans and architectural building specifications
• Respond to contractors and property owners questions related to city building codes
• Enforce local and state code; issue code violation citations; testify in court where appropriate
• Prepare monthly reports and documentations of inspections

1991 - 1999
Firefighter / Paramedic
• Respond immediately to fire alarms and emergency situations providing protection to the public and property. Investigated fire-damaged residences and commercial structures to determine cause and prevention
• Visited buildings to study access points and locations of hydrants and identify potential fire hazards
• Undertook public education tasks including demonstrations, first aid, and fire fighting training and lectures
• Trained industrial and volunteer firefighters and provided instruction in evacuation, fire prevention, fire fighting, rescue and use of breathing apparatus, CPR and First Aid. Paramedic Facilitator for the Department
• Enforced fire laws, regulations and policies
• Provided Advanced Life-Support care to sick and injured people

1987 - 1991
Firefighter / Paramedic
Assigned to Addison Fire Department to respond to emergency situations.


Certified Building Inspector • Certified Plans Examiner • Illinois Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention

Certified Illinois State Fire Marshal Fire Investigator • Illinois Hazardous Materials Advisory Board • Illinois

Fire Chiefs' Assn. - Fire Prevention/Tactics & Strategy • University of Illinois - Fire/Arson Investigation

Illinois State Fire Marshal - Rescue Specialist/Structural Collapse Awareness • Firefighter Level III

Fire Officer I • Loyola University - Advanced EMT Training • American Society of Home Inspectors

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Civil Engineer Hydraulics And Hydrology

Jordan Winters
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


• Experienced in accurately analyzing topographic aerial photographs for data points.
• Competent in hydraulics and hydrology.
• Adept at conducting and evaluating experiments and models and making competent recommendations.
• Proficient in managing multiple projects simultaneously.
• Computer literate in AutoCad, DesignCad, Visio, Excel, Quattro, Word, Windows, PowerPoint, GIS, ArcView, Internet, and Email.


Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho
B.S., Civil Engineering
Special project: evaluated numerical model for flood routing capabilities for the Snake River.

University of San Diego, San Diego, California
General Education Courses


City of Idaho, Falls-Street Department. Idaho Falls, Idaho
1996 - 2001
Conducting physical hydraulic model tests; obtaining water velocity measurements; preparing client reports; completing hydraulic and hydrologic analyses; collecting field data including soil and water samples.

Yellowstone, National Park. Wyoming
1995 - 1995
Summer Intern
Assisted in the U.S. Geological Survey. Performed GPS surveys of hydrothermal pools.

City of, San Diego-Street Department. San Diego, California
1992 - 1994
Assisted in surveying and repairing streets, and operated equipment.


• American Public Works Association (APWA).
• American Society of Civil Engineers.
• Premier Performance Award, City of Idaho Falls, 2000.
• Worker of the Year Award, City of San Diego, 1993.

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Civil Engineer Residential Construction

Casey Catello
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Civil Engineer with 8 years experience in all site civil work, from execution to hand over phase. Skills include:

• Making bills for sub contractor and company.
• Site supervision and managing the manpower.
• Taking care of cutting and work schedule for steel and civil work.
• Maintaining the quality of work, as per the Municipality Regulations
• Executing the work schedule, as per the bar charts.
• Completing work, as per the drawings and specification.
• Maintaining on time delivery of material for smooth operations.
• Coordinating with consultants.


• Five Star Hotel
• Residential Apartments
• Multistoried Buildings
• Villas (Luxury Residential)


Construction Company, Dubai
1999 - Present
Site Foreman

New Construction Co Ltd, Bombay, India
1994 - 1999
Site Engineer


Valid UAE driving license


Board of Technical Education, India
Diploma, Civil Engineering


English and Hindi

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Civil Engineer Structural

Lee Robertson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Seeking a junior structural engineering, project management, or related position utilizing successful experience in civil engineering, consulting, design and building construction. Extensive experience in a wide variety of projects, featuring power plants, highways, gas lines, manufacturing plants, large buildings, and residential apartment structures.


Over 11 years of experience in positions with national and international companies, including Lead Structural Design Engineer, Structural Design Engineer, and Technical Office Manager. Skilled in all aspects of civil engineering, major project management, hands-on structural design and design management, international high-standard structural design for both steel and reinforced concrete structures, budgetary and labor cost controls, estimating and ordering equipment and materials, and coordination with technical staff. Arabic and English communication skills.

Administrative skills include expertise in automated accounting systems with job cost tracking, establishment and maintenance of banking, bonding, and insurance relationships, purchasing procedures, personnel management, knowledge of international construction law, generation of in-depth reports and proposals, group speaking and presentation skills, serving as liaison between government officials and clients, supervision of crews, and the ability to interact effectively with senior management, regulatory officials, inspectors, architects, clients, crews, and the public.

Proficient with a wide range of design and engineering software, including Staad/Pro, Robot Millennium, Saap 2000 (CSI), Etabs NL (CSI), Prokon, PCA Column, PCA Mat, AutoCAD, Xsteel, and Eritower. International standards included AISC, ACI, BS, ETA, ASCE, and UBC. Utilized ACI-318, UBC and ASCE standards for concrete, and EIA-222, AISC, ASCE standards for steel structures. Consistently noted by past and present superiors, associates, clients, and staff for attention to detail, outstanding job performance, leadership by example, ability to prioritize multiple projects, dedication to quality, and completion of all projects within budgets and deadlines.


Genpro-Aram Industries, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2000 - 2002
Lead Structural Design Engineer
• Selected as Lead Structural Engineer for an international firm with project assignments related to the power industry. Designed and engineered equipment buildings with extensive electromechanical requirements, including slab and wall openings, trenches, basements, rafts, overhead cranes, and various embedments. All structures were designed to accept extreme vibration and dynamic loads.
• Utilized pre-tensile beams and hollow core for large spans, designed latticed steel structures, including cable Gantries (portiques) and towers connecting the main line to the station ( 380/132/33 KV). Issued complete shop drawings for all designs observing strict ACI-318, UBC and ASCE standards for concrete, and EIA-222, AISC, ASCE standards for steel structures.
• Utilized Staad/Pro, Robot Millennium, Safe, PCA-Col, Prokon, Powline, PCI-Mat, Xsteel, and related software, established a civil works Master Plan and managed all civil activities involving design and construction.
• Received recognition from superiors for achieving substantial cost savings on civil projects through finding better solutions, researching lower prices, insisting on better quality control, and ensuring that approvals and handovers were completed as scheduled.
• Supervised the work of two civil engineers, guided them on structural decisions, provided support through design, and approved design work.

Saudicom International, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
1998 - 2000
Structural Design Engineer
• Served as Structural Design Engineer for a US $6 billion major telecommunications expansion project within Saudi Arabia with responsibility for design of telecommunications towers for Microwave, GSM, and SRS systems. Heights on the various structures ranged from 15 meter (monopoles) and 90 meter (latticed), to 120 meter (masts), utilizing Staad and Eritower software for the design.
• Additionally responsible for reviewing and checking shop drawings for towers, design of tower foundations using Staad, SAFE, and PCA-MAT software, and structural design for RC buildings to be modified for expansion, requiring complicated, challenging, and creative structural engineering analysis approaches and solutions. Prepared 'method of procedure' reports for various stages of construction to ensure safety.

Hannan Engineering, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
1997 - 1998
Structural Design Engineer
• Assigned to coordinate a variety of engineering and design-build functions for Saudi royal family castles and estates involving projects in the U.S. $20 million and above range.
• Engineering duties included design for the castles, preparing calculations, creating shop drawings, and personally designing large spans, in-house swimming pools, underwater rooms, natural stone structures, theatres, caves, and artificial ruins.
• Utilized ACI-318, ASCE, and UBC standards, designed stone structures per design recommendations from different sources, and used Staad/Pro, Prokon, and Excel software to perform project tasks.

Nissan Heavy Industries and RBNC
1994 - 1996
Technical Office Manager
• Served as Technical Office Manager for TOEC, one of the largest and most successful civil contractors in Syria, with project including the Lattakia Harbor expansion, numerous power projects, gas lines, manufacturing plants, highways, buildings, residential apartment structures, and many other projects.
• Responsible for providing technical support, assisting with the tender stage and preliminary solution proposals, creating detailed project drawings, trouble shooting problems, and solving various construction difficulties.
• Assigned as Technical Office Manager for the 600MW Jandar C/C power plant project with responsibility for producing shop drawings for Mitsubishi designs, coordinating design of different trades, supervising multi-discipline engineers, and troubleshooting the entire project.
• Personally redesigned 3 main buildings with a better solution for the main steam turbine building, the workshop building, and the administration building, in addition to developing a complete design for a 5-story, 153-unit apartment complex. Utilized British standards for steel structures and ACI for RC structures.

Usima Hannad & Co., Damascus, Syria
1990 - 1994
Lead Structural Design Engineer
• Recruited to work with one of the leading engineering consultancies in the Middle East. Major projects included design of the reinforced concrete Baidram Zurnab Hotels Complex (one 5-star & one 4-star hotel and facilities), Mashti al Hila Resort, a combined RC and steel frame structure (one 5-star hotel & 11 apartment buildings), Bayet Gas Field Facilities, and Monument of the Unknown Soldier. Utilized British standards for steel structure and ACI for RC.


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

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Civil Structural Engineer Best

Heinz Schroeder
192 High Street, New York, NY 01644 / Tel# (207) 555-8833 Email:

Civil / Structural Engineer


Lead Structural Engineer with over ten years construction experience including regional and international projects specifically related to the power industry. Managed all technical aspects of highly complex construction projects. Quickly solved problems and made decisions using site data, design goals, and local and industry standards. Highly developed technical expertise with full range of engineering and project management software knowledge.


· Establishment of Master Plan to direct civil/structural design and construction activities.
· Site supervision and effective management of engineering personnel.
· Ability to handle all site civil work, from execution to hand-over phase.
· Technical expert with Staad/Pro, Robot Millennium, Safe, PCA-Col, Prokon, Powline, PCI-Mat, Xsteel, AutoCad, DesignCad, Visio, Excel, Word, Project, and GIS.


1998 – Present
Civil / Structural Engineer
Supervised two civil engineers, guided structural decisions, provided design support, and approved final design work. Managed two-year, $10M project to successful completion.
· Managed and directed a team of six engineers, successfully completing all projects on-time and under budget.
· Managed all cutting and work schedules for steel and civil work to guarantee just-in-time supply without delays or storage issues.
· Maintained the quality of work to ensure strict adherence to Municipality Regulations.
· Implemented and enforced work schedule, completing 92% of tasks on-time or earlier.

1995 – 1998
Design Engineer
Served as Structural Design Engineer for $6B international project involving design of telecommunications towers for Microwave, GSM, and SRS systems. Verified all shop drawings and designed tower foundations and modifications for RC buildings, requiring complicated, challenging, and creative structural engineering analysis approaches and solutions.
· Implemented pre-tensile beams and hollow core for large spans. Designed latticed steel structures, including cable Gantries (portiques) and towers connecting the main line to the station (380/132/33 KV).
· Achieved 24% cost savings by improving solutions, researching lower prices, controlling quality, and maintaining schedules.
· Maintained ACI-318, ASCE, and UBC standards using Staad/Pro, Prokon, and Excel software to manage project tasks.

1992 - 1995
Architectural Designer
Designed equipment buildings with extensive electromechanical requirements, including slab and wall openings, trenches, basements, rafts, overhead cranes, and various embedments. Designed to anticipate extreme vibration and dynamic loads. Analyzed topographic aerial photographs for data points.
· Issued complete shop drawings for all designs observing strict ACI-318, UBC and ASCE standards for concrete, and EIA-222, AISC, ASCE standards for steel structures.
· Redesigned 3 main buildings with a better solution for the main steam turbine building, the workshop building, and the administration building.
· Conducted and evaluated experiments and models to make reliable recommendations.
· Prepared “method of procedure” reports for various stages of construction to ensure safety.

1990 - 1992
Supported projects including recreational harbor expansion, highway repair, and residential dwelling enhancements. Provided technical support, assisted with tender stage and preliminary solution proposals, created detailed project drawings, and solved various construction difficulties.
· Produced shop drawings to support sub-contractor bid and development permit processes.
· Attended commission and planning board meetings to supply detailed technical background for development plans.
· Managed reproduction and organization of all project blueprints to ensure ready access to design and working drawings.


Master of Science (Structural Engineering), 1995
Long Island University, New York, New York

Bachelor of Science (Architecture), 1990
Manhattan College, New York, New York


· New York State professional engineering license
· Passed NCEES structural engineering examinations
· American Public Works Association (APWA)
· American Society of Civil Engineers
· Outstanding Performance Award, City of New York, 2000

Construction Safety Engineer

Jamie Hill
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Seeking a construction safety engineering, project management or related position in which extensive experience in civil engineering and consulting, design and building construction, environmental projects, and safety construction and management will be of value.


• Over 16 years experience in positions including Consulting Civil and Environmental Engineer, Director of Public Works and Wastewater, Consultant, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Structural and Civil Engineer, and Scientist and Research Group Representative.

• Skilled in all aspects of civil engineering, major project management, design and construction, hydraulics, soil mechanics, hydrology, building construction, heavy construction, underground storage tank design and construction, environmental and natural resources project coordination, budget and labor control, estimating and ordering equipment and materials, and coordination with private engineering firms.

• Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through generation of in-depth reports and proposals, successful contract negotiation and arbitration, group speaking and presentation skills, serving as liaison between government and private land owners, supervision of crews, and the ability to interact effectively with senior management, regulatory officials, clients, crews, and the public.

• Consistently noted by past and present associates and staff for attention to detail, superior job performance, leadership by example, ability to prioritize multiple projects, dedication to quality, and timely completion of all projects.


Engineering Consultant, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1997 - Present
Consulting Civil & Environmental Engineer
• Served as consulting civil and environmental engineer for various businesses and organizations with duties including site analysis, designing commercial and residential developments, preparing estimates, conducting inspections to determine building integrity, and coordinating and preparing necessary paperwork and permits for all construction projects.
• Designed and rehabilitated wastewater lift stations, coordinating necessary environmental permits and paperwork, and created road and small bridge designs.
• Responsible for estimating, ordering, and construction of pre-engineered metal buildings for complex construction projects utilizing a state-of-the-art interactive computer estimating and job costing system.

Geo Works, Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1992 - 1997
Director of Public Works and Wastewater
• Served as director of public works and wastewater with responsibility for 600 miles of roadways and bridges, 11 wastewater treatment facilities, 200 wastewater pump stations, and 38 drainage pump stations.
• Responsible for engineering and management of parish right of ways, streets, bridges, drainage storm water pump stations, comprehensive drainage storm water collection system, master drainage storm water plan, wastewater treatment facilities, and wastewater collection facilities, including all local governing regulations. Additionally responsible for obtaining and preparing all necessary, relevant permits and ordinances.
• Additional duties included interfacing and coordinating with local politicians and citizens, as well as public speaking and attending professional meetings.
• Responsible for planning and program management of 65 capital projects from multiple departments valued at over $63 million.
• Selected as chairman of parish-wide Qualification Based Selection Committee responsible for the selection of parish-wide professional services, including engineers and architects.
• Acted as a liaison and representative with LA DOTD, adjoining parties, the US Corps of Engineers, the Lafourche and Ponchatrain Levee Districts, EPA, Region VI, Louisiana DEQ, Louisiana State Department of Health & Hospitals, as well as other local and federal agencies.
• Testified as an expert on behalf of St. Elmos Parish in various lawsuits concerning technical matters.

Romanov Engineering and Survery, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana
1990 - 1992
• Designed concrete one way and two way slabs, created foundation piling design, reviewed and designed deep water bulkhead and tie back systems, jockey pump valve and piping systems, jockey pump firewater systems, and sewer treatment system for Shady Glen and Speric facilities. Additionally responsible for reviewing and preparing plans for LaMount Parish Water District Water Line installation, designing monorail hoist system, grinder pump stations and metal buildings, preparing property descriptions, and managing Zues Construction, a subsidiary company.

Bradford Construction, New Orleans, Louisiana
1986 - 1990
Project Manager / Project Engineer / Structural & Civil Engineer
As Project Manager:
• Responsible for New Orleans Sewage and Water Board Pump Station #12 for a contracted amount of $7,200.000.
• Duties included estimating both civil and structural phases of project, preparing structural design of sheet pile cofferdams, scheduling all phases of project, coordinating and managing all aspects of project, and acting as safety officer.

As Project Engineer:
• Coordinated engineering duties on Hamilton Parish West Bank Waste / Water Treatment Plant - Solids Process Train for a contracted amount of $18,604,452.
• Duties included limited concrete and steel design, review of structural drawings and submittals, surveying layout, coordinating and managing subcontractor operations, and acting as safety officer.
• Coordinated engineering duties on Jackson City Waste-Water Treatment Plan for a contracted amount of $10,400,000.
• Duties included coordinating all phases of project, including designing, reviewing, managing, scheduling, controlling costs, and coordinating subcontractors. Negotiated contract with major suppliers, subcontractors and consulting engineers, and acting as safety officer.

As Structural & Civil Engineer:
• Coordinated engineering duties on several projects with duties similar to those described above.

Manning and Associates, Long Beach, CA
1984 - 1986
Scientist & Research Group Representative
• Duties included designing concrete retaining walls, preparing hydraulics calculations, conducting oil field chemical analysis, preparing toxicity and sheen analysis of oil field drilling fluids to determine offshore pumping acceptability in environmentally sensitive Southern California, performing hazardous waste determination, and conducting polymer research.


• Registered Professional Civil Engineer: Louisiana
• Registered Professional Environmental Engineer: Louisiana
• Certification in Wastewater Treatment, Class IV; Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals
• Certification in Water Treatment, Class IV; Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals


Civil Engineering Graduate Studies
Relevant Coursework: Advanced Concrete & Structural Systems Theory & Design

Civil Engineering Graduate Studies
Relevant Coursework: Advanced Ground-Water Leachate & Hydraulics Analysis, Water Chemistry & Solid Wastes

B.S., Civil Engineering
Honors & Awards: Graduated in Top 1/3 of Class


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Materials Scientist

Drew Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Confident bachelor of science graduate demonstrating strong negotiation and leadership skills. Founded alumni association and increased membership 20 times. Versed in three languages. Generated value-adding results for organization both as leader and as team member. Willing to travel and relocate.

Technical Skills
Computer Skills
· SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy)
· Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
· FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
· UV Spectrometer
· Macromedia Director
· CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)
· Mechanical Testing (Tensile, compressive and impact testing)
· Computer assembling and basic networking


National University of Singapore Extension, Singapore
Elementary Chinese Course

National University of Singapore, Singapore
Bachelor of Science
Major: Material Science (Applied Science)
Thesis topic: Literature research on lithium polymer battery

SMU Kolese Loyola Semarang, Indonesia
Certificate equivalent to 'A' Level
Final project: Determining viscosity coefficient of fluids


PSB Corporation, Singapore
Technical Executive
Prepared and tested paint and cement mortar premix samples concurrently within six months.
Paint samples: Tested resistance of samples to external environment in team of seven members. Kept laboratory in good condition.
· Developed new formula for samples (of superior quality compared to competitors' products).
· Increased number of prepared samples 100%.
Cement Mortar Mix: Assisted supervisor in testing change in properties of samples in relation to different additives. Administered tensile and compressive tests to samples in team of four members. Supervised two staff in sample preparation.
· Developed first cement mortar premix in South-East Asia.


Alumni Association of SMU Kolese Loyola, Singapore
2002 - Present
Co-founder, Head of Public Relations Committee
Founded association with two other partners. Led and managed seven members as Head of Public Relations Committee. Exposed Singapore education system (education process, subjects, and living environment) to Indonesian students. Raised funds for association. Organized gatherings for members every six months.
· Grew association membership from 3 to 60 members.
· Acted as liaison with Main School Alumni and Head of School Foundation of SMU Kolese Loyola.

Association of Indonesian Students, Singapore
Marketing Team Member
Assisted in planning of budget in team of three for association's annual Dinner and Dance held in Novotel Apollo.
· Negotiated $2350 in sponsorship fees and vouchers from Wisma Sehati ($500), AIA representative ($150), Infinite Electronics ($200 price sponsorship), DTZ ($500) and Deutsche Bank (10 travel vouchers worth $1000).

SMU Kolese Loyola Year Book, Indonesia
1997 - 1998
Marketing Team Member
Sourced sponsorship for printing of yearbook in team of 20 members.
· Produced and reduced price of high school's first hard cover year book to $3.


· Fluent in English (read, speak and write) and Bahasa Indonesia (native).
· Basic proficiency in Mandarin.

Teo Boon Sin - -

Petroleum Engineer Onshore And Offshore

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


• Over 20 years Petroleum Engineering experience in Onshore S. Louisiana and Offshore Gulf of Mexico, including five years as a Technical Leader.
• Proven leadership of multi-disciplined asset teams comprised of up to 27 direct reports including reservoir engineers, asset engineers, geoscientists and support staff. Teams charged with developing and implementing reservoir management plans for assigned assets.
• Accomplished in managing issues involving complex partnerships and state and federal regulatory and governmental agencies. Managed over 30 properties, which included up to seven operating partners in a single project.
• Supervise and lead production engineers and field management teams.
• Extensive experience in reservoir engineering, performance monitoring, well remedial work analysis, production engineering, development and exploitation drilling prospect generation, risk analysis and tactical/strategic plan development.
• New Orleans Business Unit Human Resource Committee Member providing direction on personnel assignments and the development of staff members.
• As Resource Advisor from 1993 to 1994, guided Gulf Coast Divisions' engineering development through technology transfer efforts, personnel assignments, training programs and the recruitment of new personnel, including the placement of returning Expat employees.


"Neptune," Area Manager - Conducted geological, geophysical and engineering evaluation and secured project funding. "Neptune" was drilled in October 2000 and discovered over 250' of hydrocarbons resulting in an $80MM multi-well offshore development in 400' of water. Built consensus among the seven partners for project equities, development plans, and leadership of all technical efforts for the partnership. Formed a project team in November 2000 to conduct detailed engineering and project implementation.

Geoff Island "A" Platform Exploitation Program, Area Manager - Three well $19MM project that resulted in a 2600 BOPD increase in production and developed over 3 million barrels of oil. Lead a multi-disciplined team in the identification, evaluation and implementation of this 100% successful project.

"Pelican" Development, Area Manager - Six well $50MM conventional offshore platform development in 300' of water, went on production during late 1999. Lead a multi-disciplined team in developing and implementing reservoir management plans including the use of reservoir simulation and advanced 3-D seismic interpretation. Ongoing responsibilities include production and reservoir performance monitoring and planning intervention as needed.

West Coast Development Engineer - Developed a 45 well drill program that resulted in a 100% increase in production, an 86% success rate and a 100% increase in booked reserves. As Well Completions Engineer, developed well completion and remedial recommendations in LA, MS and AL fields. As Production Engineer, managed production engineering duties for the sub-area including workover and financial and operational recommendations. Assignments ranged over twelve fields with various forms of natural and artificial lift, including gas lift, ESP and sucker-rod pumps.

Joined Mobil's Regional Diversity Team during the 2nd quarter of 2000. Multi-cultural team charged with improving business results by developing and implementing diversity initiatives within the region.

Received Outstanding Contributor Award during the 2nd quarter of 2000 for leading the Gulf of Mexico's Technical Team efforts in the establishment of a $100MM exploration joint venture with O'Brien Oil and Gas. Efforts also included supporting land and legal teams in the negotiation of the joint venture agreement. Ongoing responsibilities include management support of the joint venture.


MOBIL, Gulf of Mexico (GOM) and S. Central LA
2000 - Present
Asset Manager
• Provide technical leadership to multi-disciplined asset team charged with reservoir management of existing assets and identification and implementation of new investment programs. Area includes 10 "operated by Mobil" and one "operated by others" producing properties producing 135 MMCFD and 14,000 BOPD. Supervised 27 geoscientists, engineers, technicians and administrative support team members.
• Develop and execute Strategic and Tactical Plans, providing career development and technical enhancement of direct reports and provide direct approvals of all investments up to $1MM.
• Establish and maintain a high level of communication and trust with project partners and government regulatory agencies.
• New Orleans Business Unit's Leadership Team Member, providing overall strategic and tactical direction for the GOM. New Orleans Business Unit's Human Resource Committee Member, providing direction for succession planning, promotions, personnel assignments, and career development for all GOM employees.
• Current capital investment activities include 3 ongoing development-drilling projects and 3 remedial workover projects with projected 2000 capital of $41MM.
• "Felix Prospect," a recent success, has logged over 150' pay with a projected initial rate of 30 MMCFD.

1999 - 2000
GOM, Asset Manager, Western & Central GOM Assets
• Provided leadership and management to a multi-disciplined asset team charged with reservoir management of existing assets and the development and implementation of new investment programs for the Western and Central GOM Assets. Area includes 13 "operated by Mobil" platforms with production of 225 MMCFD and 13,00 BOPD. Supervised 19 geoscientists, engineers, technicians, and administration support team members.
• GOM Leadership Team Member and Human Resource Committee Member.
• Team projects included implementation of approximately $15MM in development drilling projects in the Geoff Island and Clear Island areas; analyzing and evaluating performance of the "Barite" development utilizing 3-D seismic interpretation and reservoir methods, including well testing and reservoir simulation; exploitation of the Neptune Project; development of additional development projects in the West Cameron gas fields; support for the O'Brien exploration joint venture and evaluation and exploitation of a new 4-C seismic survey in the Donald field.

1998 - 1999
GOM Asset Manager, Central GOM Assets
• Develop and execute Strategic and Tactical Plans, providing career development and technical enhancement of direct reports and providing direct approvals of all investments up to $1MM. Supervise 12 geoscientists, engineers, technicians, and administrative support team members.
• Managed an additional $20MM investment program that included drilling and workover programs.
• Joint venture OSWC discovery at Geoff Island 313 logged over 200' of pay in three horizons and is currently producing at 21 MMCFD.

1997 - 1998
GOM Asset Manager, Deep Central GOM Assets
• Managed assets of 26, mostly "Operated By Others" (OBO), producing properties that provided 24% of the Business Unit's 1998 production. Supervised 17 geoscientists, engineers, technicians, and administrative support team members. Area significantly exceeded 1998 goals by increasing area production by 17% and achieving a 25% improvement in lifting cost.
• 1998 capital investment budgets included over $70MM of drilling, workover, facility and sub-sea investments.
• Business Unit Management representative for OBO producing properties, which required close coordination and working relationships with most GOM Operators and the Mineral Management Service (a regulatory Federal Government Agency).

1994 - 1997
Asset Engineer, Caillou Island Field
• Cross-functional team member responsible for generation of workover and drilling projects for Aramou Island Field. Supervised reservoir management, reserve bookings and technical studies including reservoir simulation.
• Coordinated consensus building and acquired joint owner approvals and development of Well Utility and Tactical and Strategic Plans for Aramou Island Asset Team.
• Aramou Island exceeded tactical production goals in 1995, 1996, and 1997. The field achieved a 10-year production high in 1996 and achieved a 233% reserve replacement in 1997. 1996 activity included the development more than 30 workover and 10 drilling prospects.
• Reservoir and project engineer for the CI 1249-105 exploitation discovery. The 105 well developed over 70 BCF of reserves and provided for a 50 MMCD production increase and an 80 MM$ net present value.

1993 - 1994
Engineering Resource Advisor, Onshore Division
• Acted as Advisor to division management on personnel assignment issues and engineering functional issues, including mentoring and development of the Engineering staff.
• Coordinated hiring and placement of new employees, including returning EXPAT employees.
• Division representative on projects including RNGS's Water Shut Off Team and DIJI's PPG Risk Team.
• Provided guidance to engineering staff in areas of engineering development and assignments.
• Collaborated with HR Department on development of Dual Career Ladder / Career Partnership Process.
• Sited improvement needs and necessary action to affect improvement (examples include a low cost workover program at Lafitte).
• Onshore Exploration Risk Team Member.

MOBIL, Houma, LA
1992 - 1993
Acting Area Manager
• Managed and lead engineering and field management team activities. Supervised six engineers, nine production supervisors and more than 100 field employees.
• Directed all aspects of AMT and FMT management, including safety and environmental performance and compliance, ensuring tactical goals were met and management of $8MM workover and $35MM expense budgets.

MOBIL, Houma, LA
1991 - 1992
Lead Production Engineer
• Area Team Leader / Coordinator for activities in 15 producing properties with 16,000 BOPD and 100 MMCF/D production. Provided direct supervision and technical leadership to the Asset Management Team. Assured reservoir management of all properties and regulatory compliance in all engineering proposals.
• Provided training and development of engineers and technicians and advised Area Manager on employee performance and development needs for input into the PMP process.
• Managed an $8MM annual workover program. Reviewed and approved authority for expenditures including more than 60 workovers annually. Approved all wellbore utility plans including plug and abandonment proposals.
• Provided technical expertise and review for all drilling opportunities developed in the area and assisted field teams.
• Negotiated and implemented a joint partnering program at Rolling Hills Field. Provided Paradis Sub-Area engineering requirements.

West Cote Blanche Bay
1989 - 1991
Development Engineer

New Iberia District
1987 - 1989
Well Completions and Workover Engineer

New Iberia District
1983 - 1987
Development Engineer

New Iberia District
1981 - 1983
Production Engineer


EPTD Reservoir Management Training

B.S., Petroleum Engineering

PRWRA Laurie Roy - PRWRA President - -

Process Engineer Construction

Marion McLeod
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Process engineer fully involved in all aspects of an engineering and construction firm, with solid knowledge of the project development process. Currently pursuing an M.B.A. in Finance. Earned two undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry. Background includes designing and budgeting a project, conducting presentation to the client, redesigning specifications to meet client economic feasibility plan, negotiating the contract and assigning responsibility, ensuring project remains within budget, purchasing equipment and necessary materials, writing start-up manual, start-up, developing more detailed designs, establishing specifications regarding vessels-compressors-pumps, and negotiating additional work.


1997 - Present
Process Engineer
Provide engineering expertise while working on various projects primarily in Texas, Louisiana, and South America. Participate throughout the entire process from front-end design and project awarding to construction and completion. Interact with engineers and project development managers on projects ranging from $1 million to $50 million. Provide technical writing assistance to the marketing department.

• Completed turnkey design, engineering, and construction projects under budget and on schedule for the following:
- Camron Energy Field Services Eagleton Plant (Texas) A 200 MMSCFD conventional turbo-expander natural gas plant with full fractionation with 89% ethane recovery -- Facility includes a 1,200 GPM MDEA plant for inlet gas treating, a 60 GPM TEG dehydration unit, product fractionation, 1,100 HP of refrigeration compression, and 11,600 HP of residue gas compression
- Camron Energy Field Services Hanover Plant (Texas) A 100 MMSCFD refrigerated turbo-expander natural gas plant with 88% ethane recovery -- Facility includes a 1,060 BPD condensate stabilizer and a 100 GPM DEA liquid product treater, with 2,700 HP of recompression and 1,100 HP of refrigeration compression (plant has performed at a higher rate than client expected)
- Louisiana Trust Gas Plant (Louisiana) A 200 MMSCFD conventional turbo-expander plant with 84% ethane recovery -- Facility includes a 1,200 GPM MDEA plant for inlet gas treating, a 60 GPM TEG dehydration unit, a 175 GPM MDEA liquid product treater, a thermal oxidizer, and 10,000 HP of residue gas compression
• Coordinated and led the proposal development for the following projects:
- Design and economic feasibility on a new Pressure Swing Adsorption technology for Bradford Corporation for the processing of a nitrogen rich natural gas stream at a fraction of the cost of tradition cryogenics
- Disassembly, shipment, and installation of the Blanco Bay Processing Plant to the Dentry Gas Plant site (Texas) - Facility included a 20 MMSCFD turbo-expander plant and a 30 GPM MDEA product treater
- Design and construction of natural gas treating and dehydration systems in a joint venture with Ingenieria SudAmerica (Argentina) for YPF and PlusPetrol with 20, 70, and 100 MMSCFD capacities, including MDEA gas treating and TEG dehydration systems
• Researched Camron Energy Field Services existing system at their Hennrick Gas Plant and devised a plan that expanded their amine treating system at an economical cost without a total re-haul
• Developed a template that designs a molecular dehydration bed system and significantly reduced project time from hours to a few minutes
• Set-up spreadsheets in Excel to track project budgets in progress
• Currently writing a marketing brochure to introduce the company's overall capabilities in refinery off-gas


Currently enrolled in the Master of Business Administration Program with an Emphasis on Finance
• Courses include corporate finance, financial management, marketing, managerial economics, managerial accounting, business strategy and policy.

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineer -- May 1997
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry -- May 1994

Order of the Engineer and American Institute for Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

PRWRA Sandy Hild - The Résumé Doctor - - -

Structural Engineer

Robin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Proven ability to train, lead teams and manage advanced civil engineering projects with extensive expertise in but not limited to the design of reinforced concrete, composite and steel structures. Seeking R&D position based in the US that will require some but not extensive travel.


· Familiar with engineering and team management principles that guide one-of-a-kind, advanced-technologies structural projects. Project leader, innovative project developer, and communicator with outstanding technical development achievements. Developer of innovative structural solutions utilizing a variety of design, software and integrated material-structural engineering techniques. In all projects utilize strong foundation in mechanics, structural and materials engineering. Transferable skills in research, writing, engineering and innovations with transferable consulting skills that will guide advanced-technologies structural projects. Able to act as liaison to clients to understand and define their specific, high-tech needs while delivering those solutions through the management of small, research-and-development focused engineering teams. Present complex engineering problems in clear, appealing and technical writing format to various audiences and customers without high-tech engineering skills or background. Outstanding overall balance of highly technical skills along with the ability to focus multiple internal entities and external customers on product requirements and product solutions.
· Technical reviewer for various engineering organizations including National Science Foundation, American Concrete Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers, English Concrete Institute.
· Citizenship: United States Citizen.
· Fluency: Italian, Croatian, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English.


· Damage Assessment/Analysis
· Non-Destructive Testing
· Seismic/Non-seismic Repair/Retrofit
· Procedure Design & Analysis
· Bridge/Building Design and Analysis
· Structural System Analysis
· Solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics and Micro-Mechanics of Cementitious Composites (steel, glass, kevlar, carbon, concrete, etc.)
· New Technology Development/Implementation Product Development
· Technology Transfer
· Computer Programming/Modeling
· Auto-Adaptive Structures
· Project Management
· Technology Evaluation
· Procedure Development & Optimization



UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, LONDON, ENGLAND: Master of Civil Engineering (Specialization in Steel and Concrete Design)


O’Malley Construction, Inc., London, England
Lead Structural Engineer

University of Connecticut
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Constructed Facilities Laboratory - Engineering Graduate Research Center, London Common University
Director of Scale Structural Testing Laboratory

University of London, London, England
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

English Technology Institute, Manchester, England
Visiting Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

SUNY Albany, Albany, NY (European Campus, Belgrade Yugoslavia)
Research Assistant

PFZ Consultants Inc., Manchester, England
Structural Engineer

London Institute of Science and Technology., London, England
Research Assistant


· Edward Muir Memorial Prize for excellence in Concrete Structures and Technology (1987).
· US Concrete Production Design Award – Industry Excellence (1986).
· Bellweather Universities Junior Faculty Enhancement Award (1997).
· Featured on numerous national and international television and radio interviews and shows including CNNfn (financial) network, CNN Headline News, CNN Airport Network CNN International Network, CNN Science and Technology Week, FOX TV, National Public Radio, Voice of America, Associated Press, CNN Radio, KNX Radio - Los Angeles.
· Featured in popular press articles in ASCE News, Concrete Construction.


· Recruited, developed, trained and managed research-and-development focused engineering teams that included a total of 111 Research Engineers, 42 Research Associates, 21 Research Scientists and one Visiting Research Scientist from various academies across the US and Europe. Developed and taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses on Reinforced Concrete Design, Concrete Design, Statics, Structural Mechanics, Construction Materials, Concrete Materials, Statistics and Probability.
· Won and managed, as the main investigator, a total of $43 million in federal (International Science and Concrete Studies Institute), national and industrial research and development projects on various aspects of assessment of non-seismically designed reinforced concrete frame buildings, development of improved seismic retrofit techniques and design guidelines for bridges and buildings, development of multiaxial plasticity models for high-performance fiber composites.


Presented and published in numerous national and international journals, conferences and meetings on issues related to: development of design guidelines for flexural and shear retrofit of reinforced concrete (R.C.) members, seismic retrofit R.C. buildings, punching shear failure of reinforced concrete slabs, reinforcing bar bond behavior, bridge deck overlays, auto-adaptive and “smart” structures, non-destructive testing of concrete structures, mechanisms of concrete cracking, development and behavior of high-performance concretes and fiber composites.
· Published 19 peer-reviewed papers in national and international journals (e.g., American Concrete Institute International Materials Journal, US and European Structural Journal, and Journal of Cement and Concrete Composites) and two book chapters. Presented 39 invited-lectures (Presentations to select audiences by personal invitation only. These do not include invitations to conference presentations)
· Published 24 conference and workshop papers. Presented 76 conference and international meeting papers.


· American Concrete Institute (ACI). Full member of ACI Committees: 325 - Concrete Pavements, 348 - Structural Safety, 446 - Fracture Mechanics, and 544 - Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Associate Member of ACI Committee 440 - FRP Bar and Tendon Reinforcement. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE). Materials Research Society (MRS). Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM).

John M. O'Connor - -