Marion McLeod
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
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Catering professional experienced in balancing customer needs with the realities of demanding, fast-paced environments. Diverse employment in service-centered companies has bred a facility to juggle multiple tasks graciously, commit to team objectives, and energetically adapt to any role that needs immediate attention. Flexible, diplomatic and optimistic; receptive to finding solutions, sharing information, and working "shoulder-to-shoulder" with colleagues to overcome obstacles, and complete tasks to stringent deadlines.

• Time & Workflow Management • Deadline Dependent Task Completion
• Staff Training & Education • Catering Operations
• First Class Service Delivery • Team Leadership & Motivation
• Diplomatic Problem Solving • Stock Control & Ordering
• Staff Rosters • Safety Conscious
• Hygiene Standards • Portion Controls


Organization/Workflow Management
• Commended by customers and management alike for ability to meet the challenges of high pressure, fast-paced environments.
• Juggle multi-faceted tasks energetically and capably; simultaneously respond to customer enquiries, source information, and meet the "impossible" deadline.
• As most senior member of catering team, train new recruits in a sector notorious for high employee turnover. In-depth on-the-job training encompasses hygienic food handling, workplace safety, area familiarization, and general customer service techniques to aid working in a high-pressure environment.

Retail Sales/Communications
• Developed outstanding customer relationships by individualizing each person and recalling pertinent facts from previous communications.
• Won over a workforce skeptical of change, and initially unwilling to adopt new ideas from supervisory staff inherited via a company merger. New changes were introduced to the workplace seamlessly, accomplishing broad-based staff agreement, and a more productive and happier environment.

Problem Solving
• Eliminated long-term problem of theft in retail environment, successfully lobbying management to install monitoring cameras over the till area. Cameras identified staff involved, leading to swift legal action, and prompting a more stringent approach to entrusting employees for till work.
• Reengineered inefficient work practices in a production line environment. Instituted a rotating system that placed staff to package goods at end of line; initiative assured equipment stayed completely operational, and increased production outputs significantly.
• Introduced staggered shift breaks to maintain production continuity, and eliminate costly and unproductive shut down/turn on processes upon team members' return from scheduled breaks.


Manning Stores, Cleveland, OH
1999 - Present
Catering Assistant
Busy department store cafeteria producing light snacks to full hot meals for 400+ staff and store customers generating sales topping $6,000 daily. Catering division regularly provides services for up to 20 people at intimate VIP gatherings, board meetings, or management team conferences. Prepare menu items to meet peak demands, process customer orders swiftly, and act as a source of senior assistance for less experienced staff members.

Wordsmith Newsgroup, Cleveland, OH
1997 - 1999
Assistant Manager
Contributed to revenue growth and smooth running of freestanding store in the village center. Hired and trained new staff, ordered product ranges, presided over stock takes, and devised efficient work rosters that assured team members with appropriate experience levels were available to cope with times of peak customer demand. Entrusted with daily banking and account balancing.

Zane Design Associates, Cleveland, OH
1994 - 1997
Production Supervisor
Coordinated tasks between two disparate departments producing typesetting services for 50+ newspapers and special periodicals daily. Acting as the key "fire fighter" representing staff, Production Manager and Production Director, soothed and calmed "ruffled feathers" in a high-pressure, deadline-dependant environment. Juggled the concerns and needs of customers, resolved staff issues, and followed up on outstanding or incorrect advertisement artwork to meet crucial timeframes.

Goldman and Frank, Cleveland, OH
1987 - 1994
Progressed from production line worker creating products for several major retail outlets, to supervisor, overseeing 70 staff. As one of 3 staff remaining after company merger, was challenged to introduce productivity and process improvements critical to boosting production outputs and meeting new targets. Launched new spread of shift breaks assuring no equipment downtime, and revamped standard production methods, monitoring quality control and safety compliance continually.

St. Mary's Hospital, Cleveland, OH
1985 - 1987
Maintenance Attendant
Cleaned wards and corridors in compliance with stringent health and safety standards. Served light snacks and beverages to patients daily.

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