Project Manager Industrial Engineer

Casey Catello
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
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A successful and goal-achieving industrial engineer with expertise in contract management and negotiation, project management, business development and organization, troubleshooting, human resource management, financial management and analysis, and policy development. B.S. Industrial Engineering.


International Consult Associates, Tree Grove, AS
1992 - Present
Project Manager/Engineer
• Supervise multiple projects nationwide. Perform initial surveys to indicate areas of improvement or problems.
• Direct cost reduction programs, improve manufacturing productivity, manage crises, and develop and implement loss control and risk management programs.
• Assist with productivity and quality control programs such as TQM, JIT, MRP, MRPII, SPC, ISO 9000 (audits pertaining to certification), Kanban, and HRIS information system within a manufacturing or industrial environment.
• Develop automated and manual purchasing and maintenance planning systems.
• Analyze compensation and benefit packages. Perform contract management services. Negotiate labor contracts.

• Initiated a maintenance planning system which reduced downtime, increased drilling hours, and reduced repair costs.
• Implemented a manual purchasing system which converted to full automation.
• Turned a small manufacturing plant from bankruptcy to a profit-making operation which the owner could sell to investors through downsizing, retraining employees and reorganizing company finances.

Reisen Mines
1975 - 1992
Materials Manager
• Managed purchasing, inventory, and cost control.
• Supervised 22 employees.
• Project manager on all major internal construction projects or modifications. Negotiated all vendor contracts and developed material requirement plans.
• Examined bids for contract work and made recommendations on who received job.
• Managed new construction projects.
• Designed warehouse layouts and outside storage sites to fit operational needs.

• Reputation for maintaining costs and improving efficiency without labor/management problems.
• Reorganized purchasing and maintenance to work as a single and more efficient unit.
• Eliminated waste and department competition.
• Cut inventory costs by 18%.
• Reduced labor costs by 15% through planning and organization.
• Centralized all purchasing for control purposes.


University of Penbroke, Penbroke, AS
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering


• Crisis Management • Industrial Relations
• Compensation Analysis • Loss Control/Risk Management
• Job Evaluation • Human Resources Management

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