Cost Analyst

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Finance Professional with 17 years experience in budget, cost and accounting analysis, reporting, and strategic planning in corporate positions. Expertise in strengthening internal controls to improve forecasting, investments, financial reporting, cost accounting, and overall performance of billion dollar operations. Articulate written and oral communicator who leads by modeling quality performance and enthusiasm. Trained and experienced with MS Word, Excel and Access.

• Budget Models • Forecasting
• Capital, Fixed and Variable Budgets • Budget/Forecast Variances
• Capital Expenditures/Requests • Expenditure Projections
• Financial Data/Graph Analysis • Lease Tracking
• Work Comp Tracking • Staff Models, Policies & Programs
• Maintenance Contracts • Credit Card and Bank Fee Budgets/Spending


Jaybird Corporation, St. Paul, MN
1985 - Present
Selected Leadership and Successes

• Participated as team member researching fiscal soundness of company's outsourcing of Order/Payment Processing data entry to Mexico to save labor expenses. Data showed that increased costs due to poor-quality work (increased return staffing/processing and postage expenses) exceeded labor savings from outsourcing. Senior management brought data entry back in-house, saving +$1 million.
• Managed the Order Processing Postage budget of $1.8 million.
• Led team that created an Attendance Policy for office operations/staff. New policy fostered flexibility in scheduling, and remains in place.
• Designed and implemented Excel-based staffing models, balancing cost efficiency with adequate ratio.
• Coordinated the Employee Recognition program, fostering staff empowerment and value.
• Coordinated and led ongoing in-house classroom training for 5-10 data entry operators on Order and Payment Processing protocol, policies and standards. Continued to access and document individual performances.
• Exceeded corporate standards (120% over 70%) for personal data entry performance.

Jaybird Corporation, St. Paul, MN
1997 - Present
Cost Administration Analyst: Office Operations
Manage budget/accounting/cost aspects of order and payment processing departments, and supervise administrative support staff. Oversee budgets, forecasting, and all data analysis related to costs and accounting. Maintain communication with the executive management team on all relevant fiscal information.

Jaybird Corporation, St. Paul, MN
1990 - 1997
Supervisor: Order & Payment Processing: Order & Payment Processing

Jaybird Corporation, St. Paul, MN
1985 - 1990
Training Coordinator/ Data Entry Operator: Order & Payment Processing


Bachelor of Arts, Finance
Investment Club leadership roles:
• Public Relations Representative: Promoted club through marketing and public speaking. Recruited members. Fundraising: Coordinated funding activities. Investments: Researched investment opportunities.

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