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Registered Nurse, Charge Nurse, or related position in which extensive Registered Nursing experience, advanced clinical skills, and strong patient education and assessment abilities will contribute to quality care.


Experienced professional nurse, instructor, and supervisor with a personal commitment to quality patient care, emphasizing comprehensive patient and family education, appropriate team-based medical care, and an uncompromising duty to care for those in need.

Skilled in various aspects of nursing management, supervision of medical staff, patient teaching with a strong emphasis on patient assessment, and overseeing operations including assisting physicians with procedures, administration and documentation of medications, and providing nursing care for adult, pediatric, and geriatric patients.

Specialize in care of medical / surgical patients, geriatric and long-term care patients, and psychiatric patients, observation, assessment, triage, administering medications and injections, treatment planning, evaluation, and charting of patient treatment and progress. Experienced in development of plan of care, charting, discharge planning, mental health care, post-op care, wound care, pain management, monitoring side effects, referring patients to community resources, family counseling, observing all JCAHO and governmental regulations, and ensuring quality control.

Strong interpersonal and human relations skills demonstrated through coordinating with physicians, hospital staff and social services providers, working as a reliable team player with flexibility and accountability, attending team meetings, supervising RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, serving as patient advocate, participating in treatment planning, and assisting medical staff.

Well-developed communication skills demonstrated through interaction with patients, families and physicians, production of detailed written treatment plans and reports, charting patient progress, serving as part of a multi-disciplinary team, and the ability to establish and maintain professional relationships.


Goldman Hospital, New Orleans, Louisiana
1997 - Present
Acting Charge Nurse
• Served as Acting Charge Nurse and Staff R.N. for the Mental Health Unit, a 20-bed acute inpatient psychiatric care unit. Assisted in collaborative care between social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists for intake and outpatient planning, maintained accurate and complete documentation of care, and coordinated with psychiatric technicians to ensure a safe and therapeutic environment for patients.
• Conducted assessment of new patients on suicide precautions, performed patient evaluation and treatment planning for patients with psychiatric disorders, administered medications, and provided education for patients and families. Facilitated community and medication groups and worked to ensure compliance with all hospital policies, and OSHA, JCAHO, federal, state, and local health and safety regulations. Additionally responsible for emergency crisis intervention, charting, medication, and general patient care duties.
• Managed training and supervision of aides and nursing staff, actively promoting an environment that supports team work and communication, and encouraging self-sufficiency and independence in both staff members and patients.

Frank Nursing Facility, New Orleans, Louisiana
1995 - 1997
Unit Manager
• Supervised a staff of 20, including LPN and CNA skilled nursing staff, assessing, evaluating and determining the proper course of treatment for geriatric residents / patients, maintaining and providing accurate and complete documentation of care, coordinating medical orders, planning patient care with staff, and caring for geriatric patients with complex, multi-symptom illnesses and conditions.
• Managed training and supervision of aides and new employees, actively promoting a team-based care environment, providing continuous education to nursing personnel on behavioral, psychomotor, and communication skills, and emphasizing effective rehabilitative, restorative, and preventive care techniques.
• Ensured compliance with all Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance long-term care regulations, maintaining communication with all departments, residents, and patient families, and maintaining extensive knowledge of legal issues, state laws, and federal regulations.

Acme Medical Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
1993 - 1995
Clinical Coordinator / Orientation Nurse
• Served as Clinical coordinator and Orientation Nurse for a busy medical / surgical unit with 40 beds. Conducted inservices for staff, maintained a log of continuing education and nursing credentials, and provided orientation for new nurses.
• Coordinated patient education, serving as a liaison between patients, families, physicians, and other health care professionals, problem-solving and complaint resolution, enhancing patient emotional and physical comfort, participating in treatment planning and staffing, and evaluating and charting patient progress.

Zane Group, New Orleans, Louisiana
1990 - 1993
R.N. II / Discharge Planner for the Maternal Child
• Performed a wide range of educational and technical duties for a department serving the needs of mothers with newborn infants on the Maternal / Child Post-Partum Unit. Collected data, taught mothers how to care for the newborn, and instructed classes for expectant parents on the prenatal and perinatal experience.
• Made referrals for follow-up visits for newborns to the well baby clinics with the New Orleans Health Department, provided direct patient care on various wards as needed, and facilitated grief counseling for mothers with grief-related issues.

Community Healthcare Agency, New Orleans, Louisiana
1987 - 1990
Registered Nurse
• Served as a community registered nurse with responsibility for providing HIV transmission information to women utilizing Family Planning Clinic services. Conducted formal classes on AIDS prevention, and conducted voluntary testing of the HIV virus by collecting blood samples.
• Collected data and submitted results to the health department, handled public relations, and taught classes to adolescent clients at the family planning clinic.

Lincoln Hospital, New Orleans, Louisiana
1972 - 1987
Licensed Practical Nurse
• Provided direct patient care for the Gyn-Oncology Unit serving women with cancer and related illnesses, assisted in chemotherapy care, performed catheterizations and wound care, administered medications, and monitored IV fluids.
• Conducted patient teaching for pre and post-operative procedures, transcribed and carried out doctors' orders, documented nursing records, and directed ancillary staff.


• Louisiana Nurses Corps
• Audubon Institute Member
• Preservation Center Member


Bachelor of Science, Nursing
• Traveled to Mobile, Alabama campus to complete all coursework
• Achieved Dean's List status due to academic achievements
• Earned numerous CEUs in various areas, including BCLS, HIV / AIDS Prevention, Code Management, Nursing Supervision, Central Venous Access Devices, Wound Care, Legal Documentation, and Geriatric Care.

Undergraduate Studies
• Completed nursing prerequisite courses

Associate, Nursing
• Completed all Registered Nursing requirements

Nursing Prerequisites

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