Transportation Security Specialist Federal Employment

Frances O'Malley
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234
Social Security No:
United States
Veteran’s Status:
Highest Federal Civilian Job:
Aviation Security Inspector, FV 1801 H, Jul 2003–Present
Security Clearance:
Duty Location Preference:
Frankfurt, Germany

Vacancy Announcement: TSA–04–1220
Position Title: Transportation Security Specialist (Inspector), SV–1801–I


· Attended 00026 International Airport Assessments & Inspection Course, FAA Academy, Jun 2003
· Proven decade of experience in aviation/airport security and customer service in technical and managerial fields, including recruiting, training and motivating.
· Recognized first responder with first-rate, in-the-field performance.
· Noted as only representative from division, 5 or more nights a week, available and on duty to respond immediately whenever and wherever necessary.
· Frequently called upon by screening managers to address regulatory concerns at screening checkpoints and consistently visible at terminals during evening shifts.
· Skilled in observation, inspection, interviewing, and investigation techniques.
· Strong analytical skills in technical documents: Review and write Security Directives (SD) fact sheets used by co-workers as checklists for surveillances and air carrier assessments.
· Strong knowledge of Code of Federal Regulations, SDs, and Emergency Amendments.
· Well-developed people skills: Interact with passengers, colleagues, and multiple agencies in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings.
· FAA Approved Certified Ground Security Coordinator.
· Computer Skills: PowerPoint, Word & Excel on Windows platform, including specialized government software.


· Senior Aviation Security Inspector (Transportation Security Specialist), Jun 2003
· Certified Civil Aviation Security Specialist/Special Agent, Aug 2002
· Certified Course Instructor-Aviation Security, May 2003
· Cargo Security Inspector, Feb 2003
· Security Certification, Int’l Association for Healthcare Safety & Security, May 1992
· Certified Airline Passenger Screening Instructor (FAA Approved), March 1990


1 Harborside Drive, Suite 104S ● Logan International Airport ● Boston, MA 02128-2907
Mar 2003 to Present
Aviation Security Inspector, 1801
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Salary: H-Band
Supervisor: Jane Doe, 617–555–1212; May be contacted
Administered critical and complex compliance and enforcement program to protect public from air transportation piracy and other acts of sabotage. Conducted comprehensive inspections and investigations of airport, air carriers, cargo air carriers, and indirect air carriers (IAC) to determine security posture. Monitored compliance with applicable civil aviation security policies, regulations, and agreements for potential problem areas or deviations. Ensured overall adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of TSA-approved security programs. Provided testimony and participate in enforcement proceedings as necessary.
· Unit number 2 producer of 12 inspectors for approved/completed investigations over 12 months ending April 2004.
· Participated in testing of security systems in connection with compliance inspections.
· Regularly determine adequacy of corrective actions required to improve security posture or to restore compliance.
· Identify, collect, and preserve evidence to support enforcement actions.
· Assisted with numerous enforcement action determinations and initiations, preparing enforcement investigation reports and recommending to TSA counsel action type and penalty level.

1 Harborside Drive, Suite 104S ● Logan International Airport ● Boston, MA 02128-2907
Jul 2002 to Mar 2003
Special Agent/Civil Aviation Security Specialist, 1801
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Salary: G-Band
Supervisor: Jane Doe, 617–555–1212; May be contacted
Performed mix of prescribed assessments and investigations of airport and air carriers, ensuring regulated parties comply with federal regulations and security directives (SD). Monitored compliance with TSA security policies, regulations, and agreements, identifying potential non-compliance or deviations. Recommended enforcement action and penalty level as appropriate. Provided guidance to airport operator and air carriers on developments and modifications of security plans.
· Instrumental contributor to FAA to TSA transition critical outcomes.
· Scored 96% on Basic Airport/Air Carrier Security Special Agent Course final exam with 92% course average.
· Earned outstanding performance feedback by screeners and managers, after carrying out 7-week detail as screening manager in newly formed organizational environment.
· Noted for 100% 24–7 availability to complete daily duties.
· Conducted daily out briefings to federal screeners at assigned checkpoints to continually inform and improve performance.
· Assisted over 50 new employees with HR and payroll concerns.
· Instrumental in two-way radio communications dispersal, including protocol development to optimize use and inventory control at current and newly opened security checkpoints.
· Co-formulated procedure for “repeater band” (strongest reception) use to allow communication between management and checkpoint supervisors.
· Created procedure to provide communications for “skeleton crew” exit lane personnel for safety and security after supervisory staff night departure.
· Served as liaison to federal screening workforce at several checkpoints, assisting screening division directors with transition of outgoing contractors.
· Worked detail to assist screening division directors with TSA contractor support, simultaneously occurring during 3-month, after-hours inspection and data download of all Explosive Detection Systems (EDS)/GTX units at BOS.
· Assisted screening managers three times with alleged on-duty alcohol use by federal screener, involving shift-long observation and licensed breath alcohol content contractor.
· Oversaw contractor removal and replacement of old Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMDs) with Enhanced WTMDs at all domestic checkpoints, over several overnight shifts,
· Volunteered for Christmas and New Year’s Eve shifts to ensure adequate regulatory/inspection coverage.

1 Harborside Drive, Suite 104S ● Logan International Airport ● Boston, MA 02128-2907
Nov 2001 to Jul 2002
Assistant Security Inspector, 1801
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Salary: G-Band
Supervisor: Janet Doeskin, 781–555–1212; May be contacted
Carried out checkpoint security screening process and assessment requirements. Coordinated and monitored air carrier pre-board screener procedures, assisting screeners and supervisors. Monitored explosive trace detection (ETD) procedures, ensuring proper alarm resolution procedures. Calibrated security-screening equipment. Conducted covert screening checkpoint tests as required.
· Coached Security Screeners on proper procedures and reporting in WebbAirs system.
· Demonstrated strong working knowledge of FAA orders and federal regulations compliance for aviation security procedures and air carrier security programs.
· Handled all complaints diplomatically, communicating aviation security information and airline and airport security programs and procedures to regulated parties.

PO Box 3122 ● Portland, ME 04072-7544
Feb 2001 to Nov 2001
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $52,000; Ending Salary: $52,000
Sold and serviced residential and commercial water treatment systems.

399 Capitol Street ● Portland, ME 04101
Nov 1999 to Jan 2001
Business Development Manager
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $36,000; Ending Salary: $43,000
Supervisor: Jon Doe, 207–555–1212; May be contacted
Retained current and developed new business for security services contractor in Maine and New Hampshire, including Portland International Jetport.
· Specialized in providing checkpoint security screeners, skycaps, physical terminal security, and perimeter security personnel.
· Sold over $1M in new business first year.
· Appointed Special Company Liaison to Portland International Jetport.

592 Elm Street ● Bedford, ME 04005
Jan 1995 to Oct 1999
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $25,000; Ending Salary: $50,000
Established and operated start-up water treatment dealership, managing staff of 25 for residential and commercial customers in Maine and New Hampshire.
· Generated over $750,000 first-year sales.

289 Liberty Street ● Portland, ME 04101
Dec 1988 to Dec 1994
Director of Operations/Human Resources
Full-time: 40+ hours/week; Starting Salary: $36,000; Ending Salary: $45,000
Supervisor: Jonathan Doeson, 207–555–1212; May be contacted
Directed Operations, Training, and Human Resources for 35 accounts in 5 states for security services contractor of 200 to 300 employees. Primary accounts included Portland International Jetport, DALA, UALA, USAA, and CALA.
· Managed 16 supervisors and 200 people for selection, training, and customer relations.
· Reduced workforce turnover 50% and overtime more than 70% in first year.
· Retained all primary accounts throughout tenure, dealing directly with clients, including Central Maine Power, NYNEX, Delta Airlines, Portland Jetport, Liberty Mutual, Holiday Inn Hotels, and Hewlett Packard, among others.


Jefferson High School, Portland, ME, Diploma, 1974


· Passenger Assessment & Screening System, Massachusetts State Police, Nov 2003
· International Airport Assessments & Inspection Course, FAA Academy, Jun 2003
· Instructor Development Workshop, FAA Academy, May 2003
· State & Local Anti-Terrorism Training, US Attorney's Office, Mar 2003
· Cargo Security Basic Program, FAA Academy, Feb 2003
· Performance & Results Information System User Course, FAA Academy, Feb 2003
· Basic Airport/Air Carrier Security Special Agent Course, FAA Academy, Aug 2002
· Assistant Security Inspector Workshop, FAA Academy, Dec 2001
· “Goldmine” (software) Sales Training, Burns Int’l Security Services, Mar 2000
· Sales Training, Business Development Institute, May 2000
· Situational Sales Training, Baygroup International, May 2000
· Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification Course, University of Southern Maine, May 1994
· Security Supervisor Training, American Society for Industrial Security, Feb 1991
· Exceptional Customer Service, Zig Ziglar Seminars, May 1990
· Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting, Institution for Professional Seminars, Sep 1988
· Stress Management, Richard Tosti Seminars, Oct 1984


· Group Special Achievement Award: Members of FAA Boston Civil Aviation Security Field Office that responded and assisted Senior Staff during December 2001 “Shoe Bomber” incident, diverted from Paris-Miami to Logan Airport (BOS).


· American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), 1989–1995
· Human Resource Association of Southern Maine (Treasurer, 92–93; VP 93–94), 1990–1995
· Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 1991–1996

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