Petroleum Engineer Onshore and Offshore

Devin Saunders
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• Over 20 years Petroleum Engineering experience in Onshore S. Louisiana and Offshore Gulf of Mexico, including five years as a Technical Leader.
• Proven leadership of multi-disciplined asset teams comprised of up to 27 direct reports including reservoir engineers, asset engineers, geoscientists and support staff. Teams charged with developing and implementing reservoir management plans for assigned assets.
• Accomplished in managing issues involving complex partnerships and state and federal regulatory and governmental agencies. Managed over 30 properties, which included up to seven operating partners in a single project.
• Supervise and lead production engineers and field management teams.
• Extensive experience in reservoir engineering, performance monitoring, well remedial work analysis, production engineering, development and exploitation drilling prospect generation, risk analysis and tactical/strategic plan development.
• New Orleans Business Unit Human Resource Committee Member providing direction on personnel assignments and the development of staff members.
• As Resource Advisor from 1993 to 1994, guided Gulf Coast Divisions' engineering development through technology transfer efforts, personnel assignments, training programs and the recruitment of new personnel, including the placement of returning Expat employees.


"Neptune," Area Manager - Conducted geological, geophysical and engineering evaluation and secured project funding. "Neptune" was drilled in October 2000 and discovered over 250' of hydrocarbons resulting in an $80MM multi-well offshore development in 400' of water. Built consensus among the seven partners for project equities, development plans, and leadership of all technical efforts for the partnership. Formed a project team in November 2000 to conduct detailed engineering and project implementation.

Geoff Island "A" Platform Exploitation Program, Area Manager - Three well $19MM project that resulted in a 2600 BOPD increase in production and developed over 3 million barrels of oil. Lead a multi-disciplined team in the identification, evaluation and implementation of this 100% successful project.

"Pelican" Development, Area Manager - Six well $50MM conventional offshore platform development in 300' of water, went on production during late 1999. Lead a multi-disciplined team in developing and implementing reservoir management plans including the use of reservoir simulation and advanced 3-D seismic interpretation. Ongoing responsibilities include production and reservoir performance monitoring and planning intervention as needed.

West Coast Development Engineer - Developed a 45 well drill program that resulted in a 100% increase in production, an 86% success rate and a 100% increase in booked reserves. As Well Completions Engineer, developed well completion and remedial recommendations in LA, MS and AL fields. As Production Engineer, managed production engineering duties for the sub-area including workover and financial and operational recommendations. Assignments ranged over twelve fields with various forms of natural and artificial lift, including gas lift, ESP and sucker-rod pumps.

Joined Mobil's Regional Diversity Team during the 2nd quarter of 2000. Multi-cultural team charged with improving business results by developing and implementing diversity initiatives within the region.

Received Outstanding Contributor Award during the 2nd quarter of 2000 for leading the Gulf of Mexico's Technical Team efforts in the establishment of a $100MM exploration joint venture with O'Brien Oil and Gas. Efforts also included supporting land and legal teams in the negotiation of the joint venture agreement. Ongoing responsibilities include management support of the joint venture.


MOBIL, Gulf of Mexico (GOM) and S. Central LA
2000 - Present
Asset Manager
• Provide technical leadership to multi-disciplined asset team charged with reservoir management of existing assets and identification and implementation of new investment programs. Area includes 10 "operated by Mobil" and one "operated by others" producing properties producing 135 MMCFD and 14,000 BOPD. Supervised 27 geoscientists, engineers, technicians and administrative support team members.
• Develop and execute Strategic and Tactical Plans, providing career development and technical enhancement of direct reports and provide direct approvals of all investments up to $1MM.
• Establish and maintain a high level of communication and trust with project partners and government regulatory agencies.
• New Orleans Business Unit's Leadership Team Member, providing overall strategic and tactical direction for the GOM. New Orleans Business Unit's Human Resource Committee Member, providing direction for succession planning, promotions, personnel assignments, and career development for all GOM employees.
• Current capital investment activities include 3 ongoing development-drilling projects and 3 remedial workover projects with projected 2000 capital of $41MM.
• "Felix Prospect," a recent success, has logged over 150' pay with a projected initial rate of 30 MMCFD.

1999 - 2000
GOM, Asset Manager, Western & Central GOM Assets
• Provided leadership and management to a multi-disciplined asset team charged with reservoir management of existing assets and the development and implementation of new investment programs for the Western and Central GOM Assets. Area includes 13 "operated by Mobil" platforms with production of 225 MMCFD and 13,00 BOPD. Supervised 19 geoscientists, engineers, technicians, and administration support team members.
• GOM Leadership Team Member and Human Resource Committee Member.
• Team projects included implementation of approximately $15MM in development drilling projects in the Geoff Island and Clear Island areas; analyzing and evaluating performance of the "Barite" development utilizing 3-D seismic interpretation and reservoir methods, including well testing and reservoir simulation; exploitation of the Neptune Project; development of additional development projects in the West Cameron gas fields; support for the O'Brien exploration joint venture and evaluation and exploitation of a new 4-C seismic survey in the Donald field.

1998 - 1999
GOM Asset Manager, Central GOM Assets
• Develop and execute Strategic and Tactical Plans, providing career development and technical enhancement of direct reports and providing direct approvals of all investments up to $1MM. Supervise 12 geoscientists, engineers, technicians, and administrative support team members.
• Managed an additional $20MM investment program that included drilling and workover programs.
• Joint venture OSWC discovery at Geoff Island 313 logged over 200' of pay in three horizons and is currently producing at 21 MMCFD.

1997 - 1998
GOM Asset Manager, Deep Central GOM Assets
• Managed assets of 26, mostly "Operated By Others" (OBO), producing properties that provided 24% of the Business Unit's 1998 production. Supervised 17 geoscientists, engineers, technicians, and administrative support team members. Area significantly exceeded 1998 goals by increasing area production by 17% and achieving a 25% improvement in lifting cost.
• 1998 capital investment budgets included over $70MM of drilling, workover, facility and sub-sea investments.
• Business Unit Management representative for OBO producing properties, which required close coordination and working relationships with most GOM Operators and the Mineral Management Service (a regulatory Federal Government Agency).

1994 - 1997
Asset Engineer, Caillou Island Field
• Cross-functional team member responsible for generation of workover and drilling projects for Aramou Island Field. Supervised reservoir management, reserve bookings and technical studies including reservoir simulation.
• Coordinated consensus building and acquired joint owner approvals and development of Well Utility and Tactical and Strategic Plans for Aramou Island Asset Team.
• Aramou Island exceeded tactical production goals in 1995, 1996, and 1997. The field achieved a 10-year production high in 1996 and achieved a 233% reserve replacement in 1997. 1996 activity included the development more than 30 workover and 10 drilling prospects.
• Reservoir and project engineer for the CI 1249-105 exploitation discovery. The 105 well developed over 70 BCF of reserves and provided for a 50 MMCD production increase and an 80 MM$ net present value.

1993 - 1994
Engineering Resource Advisor, Onshore Division
• Acted as Advisor to division management on personnel assignment issues and engineering functional issues, including mentoring and development of the Engineering staff.
• Coordinated hiring and placement of new employees, including returning EXPAT employees.
• Division representative on projects including RNGS's Water Shut Off Team and DIJI's PPG Risk Team.
• Provided guidance to engineering staff in areas of engineering development and assignments.
• Collaborated with HR Department on development of Dual Career Ladder / Career Partnership Process.
• Sited improvement needs and necessary action to affect improvement (examples include a low cost workover program at Lafitte).
• Onshore Exploration Risk Team Member.

MOBIL, Houma, LA
1992 - 1993
Acting Area Manager
• Managed and lead engineering and field management team activities. Supervised six engineers, nine production supervisors and more than 100 field employees.
• Directed all aspects of AMT and FMT management, including safety and environmental performance and compliance, ensuring tactical goals were met and management of $8MM workover and $35MM expense budgets.

MOBIL, Houma, LA
1991 - 1992
Lead Production Engineer
• Area Team Leader / Coordinator for activities in 15 producing properties with 16,000 BOPD and 100 MMCF/D production. Provided direct supervision and technical leadership to the Asset Management Team. Assured reservoir management of all properties and regulatory compliance in all engineering proposals.
• Provided training and development of engineers and technicians and advised Area Manager on employee performance and development needs for input into the PMP process.
• Managed an $8MM annual workover program. Reviewed and approved authority for expenditures including more than 60 workovers annually. Approved all wellbore utility plans including plug and abandonment proposals.
• Provided technical expertise and review for all drilling opportunities developed in the area and assisted field teams.
• Negotiated and implemented a joint partnering program at Rolling Hills Field. Provided Paradis Sub-Area engineering requirements.

West Cote Blanche Bay
1989 - 1991
Development Engineer

New Iberia District
1987 - 1989
Well Completions and Workover Engineer

New Iberia District
1983 - 1987
Development Engineer

New Iberia District
1981 - 1983
Production Engineer


EPTD Reservoir Management Training

B.S., Petroleum Engineering

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