Treasury Sales Manager

Kerry Cordova
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Sales manager with over 20 years of treasury management sales experience, with additional operations experience supporting treasury management products. Management background includes budgeting, forecasting, goal setting, coaching, and sales support. Personal sales background includes initiating contacts and securing new business, managing and expanding existing accounts, developing interactive and consultative selling relationships with executive-level management throughout multiple level sales processes, selling customized corporate solutions to Fortune 1000 and major corporations, and creating and conducting innovative product presentations.


Bank of Texas, Haley, Texas
1982 - Present
Treasury Sales Manager
Direct the activities of a team involved in managing a $23.4 million portfolio of accounts in the oil and gas, retail, and telecommunications industries with U.S. headquarters and global operations. Area of responsibility has a 1999 goal of generating in excess of $5 million in annual sales. This includes the sale of traditional treasury management services, combined with global and technological solutions directed toward total working capital. Supervise up to 19 employees, including treasury relationship managers, a sales associate, and administrative assistants. Additional responsibility for personal management of a $6 million portfolio that consists of five clients in the retail and telecommunications industries. Call on treasurers, assistant treasurers, cash managers, tax accountants, risk managers, and marketing managers, as well as procurement managers, accounts payable managers, and accounts receivable managers.

• Expanded largest personal account by $1 million over the past two years.
• Grew the business, achieving 127% of plan in 1997 and 113% in 1998.
• Achieved 115% year-to-date in 1999 for portfolio growth.
• Participated in a Latin American forum and personally provided introductions and an overview for Latin American market experts.
• Conducted frequent presentations as a guest speaker at national and local treasury management association meetings.
• Selected to participate in a pilot mentoring program, and subsequently selected for second year.
• Organized and sponsored roundtables that were solutions-oriented.

National Bank of Greylock, Greylock, Michigan
1975 - 1982
Cash Management Representative
Provided cash management services to corporate accounts throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. Held various positions in cash management operations areas, including item processing, check cleaning transportation, item balancing, item processing support, and quality control. Received numerous promotions and subsequently Cash Management Representative.


School of Business, Texas University, Sales Management Program (October 1997)
Treasury Management Association

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