Security Professional Former Military

Stacey McGovern
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Human Resources and Security Management Professional

Personnel Administration • Team Building & Leadership • Personnel Training
Emergency & Crisis Management • New Program Development

Multi-tasking, results-oriented professional with more than 20 years’ experience in diverse security and administration environments. Effective leader with wealth of knowledge and proven ability to lead and effectively recruit, train, and manage motivated, culturally diverse, and success-driven teams of highly qualified personnel. Innovative thinker with background in new program development and implementation in areas of training and recruitment. Possess excellent written and verbal communication, documentation, professional development, and personnel administration skills. Recognized and decorated leader with ability to create and foster efficient and productive workplace environment with exceptional levels of interpersonal and team communications.


Written/Oral Communication
Crisis Management
Background Investigation
Physical / Personal Security
Physical Assessment
Budget Administration
Resource Management
Recruiting & Team Leadership
Staff Development

Career Accomplishments

· Spearheaded and was appointed as Executive Officer of 1st recruitment unit in the City Police Department.
· Handpicked by City police commissioner as key player in design of most extensive emergency management and disorder control plan of any urban police department in the nation.
· Designed and implemented executive emergency and crisis management training program, including lesson plans and instruction, field, and staff training exercises.

· As Deputy Commander for Mobilization at Army Command Post, maintain responsibility for aspects of mobilization/demobilization of more than 30,000 troops.
· Recognized by superiors for exceptional abilities in supervision, development, team leadership, and evaluation of up to 1300 personnel at a given time,
· Coordinated facility closure and successful relocation of more than 9,000 military and civilian personnel to new location.
· Maintained responsibility for security and appropriate use of equipment valued in excess of $5M.
· Raised military school ranking from 15th to 5th out of 17 in 2-state area in 3-year timeframe.
· Developed, tested, and implemented anti-terrorist/force protection plans for 88 Reserve facilities in 3 states.

Qualification Highlights
· Professional and dedicated individual capable of working under extreme conditions, while enabling team members to succeed under stress in emergency and crisis situations.
· Demonstrate prudence in planning for future requirements of subordinates, ensuring personnel maintain current levels of required training to achieve exemplary performance in daily operations.
· Supervised and monitored activities of up to 75 police officers, providing direction and control necessary for smooth and consistent workflow and continued readiness to ensure safety and protection of more than 200,000 residents.
· Efficiently manage personnel and operations in support of up to 9,000 personnel in global environments.
· Ensure continuous compliance with all applicable federal, state, local, and organizational laws and regulations, including those of the OSHA and EEOC.

Professional Experience

City Police Department - Retired
1981 - 2002
· Directed daily operations, scheduling, and personnel management for 75 officers and 25 support and investigative personnel Office of Police Commissioner.
· Provided leadership to staff during numerous emergency and crisis situations.
· Managed education programs to ensure all personnel remained qualified to complete assigned tasks and received training necessary to achieve professional goals and advancement within department.
· Interacted with executive and elected officials, providing reports and sharing information related to regular operations as well as crisis and emergency management situation.

Military Service

United States Army Reserve
1977 - present
· Possess 10 years’ active and 15 years’ reserve service as commissioned officer.
· Currently serving as Deputy Commander for Mobilization.

Memberships & Affiliations

Association of the U.S. Army.
Reserve Officers Association.
Lieutenant’s Benevolent Association, N.Y.P.D.

Education, Certification & Training

Master of Strategic Studies
United States Army War College

Master of Public Administration
John Jay College, City University of New York – Dean’s List Recipient

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Distinguished Military Graduate of Army R.O.T.C. Program
Fordham University

US Army Armor Officer Basic Course • US Army Infantry Officer Advanced Course
US Army Command & General Staff College • New York City Police Academy
New York City Police Department Basic and Advanced Management Courses

Honors & Awards

3 Awards -- Army Meritorious Service Medal • 2 Awards -- Army Commendation Medal
Award of the Army Achievement Medal • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for service in Bosnia

4 awards -- New York City Police Department Medal for Meritorious Police Duty
7 awards -- New York City Police Department Medal for Excellent Police Duty

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