Personal Trainer

Jordan Winters
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Personal Trainer

Innovative professional presenting excellent ability to establish and maintain rapport with clientele based on superb interpersonal and communication skills. Provided personalized management of fitness program utilizing well-planned and relevant regimen servicing a wide range of age groups and capabilities. Extensive focus on education and fitness awareness development, seminar/workshop/individual sessions, and utilization of educational materials relating to health and lifestyles field.


· Developed and maintained public relations with local key stakeholders, including celebrity clients, community groups, and insurers.
· Designed and developed health and fitness awareness and promotion web page.
· Provided comprehensive coaching, return to work therapy, lifestyle counseling to a variety of individuals with a wide range of abilities.
· Composed and delivered a multimedia presentation to newly arrived inmates explaining the advantages of remaining active and fit while incarcerated.
· Conceived and produced a weekly “Stats Sheet” for intramural sports activities.


· Directed, coordinated, designed, interpreted, and delivered individual and group sport, physical fitness, injury prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition and wellness programs, and fitness testing, and provided counseling for high performance athletes, occupational specific requirements, diseased patients, and general population.
· Developed and delivered Health Promotion Programs for employees and inmates, assisted volunteers in carrying out programs, and acted as a resource person for health promotion activities and needs.
· Coordinated and coached intramural sports competitions.
· Recommended improvements to fitness facilities that helped to boost morale and reduce interpersonal conflicts.


· Conducted review and assessment of program components and personnel requirements.
· Processed orders, credits, and claims for lost and damaged equipment.
· Conducted community needs assessments, evaluated program activities, analyzed and maintained performance data, and provided interpretive and summation reports.
· Devised inventory control system for management of sports and recreation equipment resulting in 20% decrease in equipment losses.
· Implemented priority system for equipment usage, which eliminated serious contention for scarce resources.


Recreation Equipment Supervisor
1985 – Present
California State Penitentiary, San Quentin, CA

Fitness Manager
1980 – 1985
Star Training Associates, West Hollywood, CA


Bachelor of Arts, Sports and Fitness Management, Marin County State College, San Rafael, CA
Completed a four-year program of study while incarcerated.

Associate of Arts, Fitness Training, San Fernando Community College, Sunland, CA