Tax Auditor

Kerry Cordova
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Career Profile

Tax Audit Professional with twenty-six years of comprehensive experience ensuring that government obtain correct taxes due from businesses and individuals by reviewing tax returns, conducting audits, identifying taxes payable, and collecting overdue tax dollars. Comprehensive and substantial knowledge of all facets of state taxes, compliance, and audit management.

Professional Experience

1977 to Present
Director, Field Audit Services Division, Revenue Tax Director II, Baton Rouge, LA
1997 to Present
Direct and coordinate the entire field audit program and post audit review unit of the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Supervise 180 employees in the largest division in the Department of Revenue with Field Auditors located in eight regional offices throughout the state and in two district offices (Houston and Dallas), and field auditors in New Jersey, Virginia, Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Audit review division receives the audits from the field auditor staff and sends taxpayers proposed assessments or refunds based upon audit results. Review protests from taxpayers regarding audit findings. Project future audit collections for the Department of Revenue.

Selected Accomplishments:
· During the past four years, the field audit services division has collected more than $506 million of underreported taxes than in any other four-year period during the existence of the Department of Revenue, despite having few field auditors, due to budget cuts.
· Conduct approximately 1,800 field audits annually.
· Personally performed a corporate income tax audit that resulted in the state collecting $25 million in underreported taxes, interests and penalties, one of the largest amounts ever collected from a single taxpayer as a result of an audit.
· Committee member that selected and is currently implementing a new core software to account for tax collection functions - will take approximately three years to be fully designed and implemented at a cost of $14 million.

Revenue Audit Manager, Lafayette, LA
1991 to 1997
Directed and coordinated tax audits conducted by the Lafayette Regional office of the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Revenue Senior Agent / Supervisor, Lafayette, LA
1987 to 1990
Conducted audits of large multi-national corporations and supervised work of revenue agents/auditors.

Revenue Agent / Field Auditor, Lafayette, LA
1977 to 1987
Conducted examinations of taxpayers’ financial statements, accounting records and tax reports to determine correct tax liabilities.


Master of Business Administration, 1980
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 1977


Guest Speaker, Dallas Area Tax Administrators, 2002

Testify on behalf of the Department of Revenue at the Louisiana Board of Tax Appeals and Legislative Committees

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