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Kerry Cordova
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Senior Executive ~ IT

Business and technology professional, expert in driving strategic directions, negotiations, and projects through the complexities of differing agendas, personalities, and cultures. Solutions- and results-focused, career successes have been underscored by an inherent capacity to identify and pursue growth opportunities, decisively plot a course of action, and deliver on promises. Acknowledged and accepted by board members, clients, staff, and management alike for candid, rational communication style that ‘seals’ deals, resurrects client relationships, and averts crises. A tenacious trouble-shooter, committed problem-solver, and motivational ‘lead from the front’ manager accustomed to adapting to cultural and business protocols across Japan and Australasia.

Value Offered
Ÿ Revenue Growth Initiatives
Ÿ Knowledge Management
Ÿ E-Commerce Solutions
Ÿ Support Chains
Ÿ Project Management
Ÿ Cost Containment
Ÿ E-Business
Ÿ Due Diligence Reviews
Ÿ Client Relationships Management
Ÿ Risk Assessments
Ÿ Budget Management
Ÿ Document Management
Ÿ Change Management
Ÿ Vendor Negotiations
Ÿ Market Expansion
Ÿ Brand Marketing
Ÿ Process Reengineering

Technology Inventory

Technology inventory: UNIX (HP-UX) • Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95 • NT Server
• Netscape Enterprise web server • IIS 4.0/5.0 web server Informix • BaaN (ERP)
• EMC & Hitachi storage DSS • OLTP • RDBMS • HTML • XML

Selected Benchmarks and Milestones

· Transformed company’s vision to become a player in the e-commerce solution sales sector into a practical reality. Led market-entry into Japan, scored the critical first sale, and project-managed the pilot system’s installation and integration from concept through turnkey solution handover.
· Steered groundbreaking, cutting-edge projects for a top-ranking heavy equipment manufacturer in Japan that revolutionized core business processes, and prompted the launch of a new revenue-positive CSS-Net-based ASP business enterprise.
· Key driver of cultural change initiative for major Japan-based company. Transitioned staff from non-computer users, to competent operators, fully trained in online catalogues, web browsers, CSS-Net, and basic troubleshooting.
· Coordinated the on-time global rollout of an electronic parts catalogue that modernized and standardized parts ordering company-wide. Directed team members across Japan, USA, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Australia
· Won export deal for the Australian Trade Commission in Osaka to supply $US 2.8 million in emergency housing that provided shelter to 200 Japanese families in Kobe, following the 1995 Hanshin Earthquake.
· Led trade missions that led to a successful collaborative agreement between Japan and Australia


Consular Support Officer
Position represents a substantial departure from career momentum, supporting the Consul, Police Liaison and Deputy Consul General with logistics, research, interpretation, and translation services for citizens of Japan in perilous or difficult circumstances.
With 30,000 Japanese people living, working, and traveling in New South Wales, the Northern Territory, and in New Caledonia, the role is unpredictable, rich in diversity, frequently demanding, and simultaneously draining. Confronting overwhelming emotions and respecting cultural sensitivities when dealing with victims of crime, lawbreakers, accidental death and more, takes an immense toll on the people and families involved; it necessitates an empathic and professional stance, and the local expertise to engage the community—from police and emergency services, to legal representatives, funeral homes, and more.
· Independently identified frequent lapses in security that exposed assets and people to risk. Produced complete audit that revealed critical need for security blueprint and personally introduced series of security protocols for staff and third-party service providers. Devised and won agreement from contracted security company to comply with standard operating procedures—initiatives that have elevated and sustained the quality and level of security services provided.
· Commended frequently for capabilities in juggling significant client caseload and following each incident meticulously through closure.

Senior Consultant
Transformed executive vision into a practical reality that heralded the transition of the company as a new player in the competitive e-commerce solution sales sector.
With no existing software operations, no technical capability, and leading personnel lacking in enterprise software sales methods, the challenges appeared daunting. Expectations to deliver results quickly with limited resources elevated the level of pressure to produce.
At the conclusion of the contract, the company had won its first sale, was established as an ecommerce business, and had seamlessly produced its first turnkey solution.
· Sourced market, identified a leading vendor of support chain e-commerce solutions, and established an interest in expanding to the market in Japan. Conducted due diligence audit, inspected sites in UK, Germany and USA, and negotiated distribution agreement to infiltrate Japanese markets.
· Devised a high-impact, multi-phased marketing campaign to introduce brand name and image via prominent tradeshow positioning, direct mail strategy, cold prospecting, and on-site customer demonstrations.
· Penetrated the market in Japan with the groundbreaking $US 200K sale of the ecommerce pilot system to marine diesel engine manufacturer, Mitsui Zosen for online spare parts ordering. Tough negotiations conducted over several months produced a successful outcome with added-value training used as a deal ‘sweetener’.
· Project-managed the development and installation of the pilot system through concept to successful handover of a turnkey solution complete with trained and competent staff. Critical first-point-of-contact as a bilingual communications channel for all technical liaison between USA and Japanese engineers.

Systems Administrator
Administered, fine-tuned, and improved key business systems including internet, intranets, BaaN ERP and Informix RDBMS in an effort to improve customer satisfaction rates and system responsiveness.
· Tuned and tweaked database, web server, and HP-UX parameters contributing to an impressive zero percent downtime.
· Presented to customers in Japanese language at monthly meetings, representing the company’s UNIX systems administration group.

Project Consultant, e-Commerce
Delivered two major projects that virtually revolutionized business for Komatsu Ltd and produced significant bottom-line results through the formation of a new business enterprise. The project for Japan in implementing an ecommerce solution for the core business had significant impact on the company’s visions and prosperity.
Project CSS-Net: Successfully delivered the complete development and deployment of the company’s country-wide intranet—an e-commerce system for the online ordering of spare parts for 3500-plus items of heavy equipment set to eliminate paper-based part catalogues and time-consuming processes.
The project, considered cutting edge for the industry, was also unprecedented in Japan, prompting the company to launch a new ASP business based on CSS-Net.
· Reversed time-consuming and erroneous paper-based/faxed recording and ordering methods through the implementation of e-commerce system that cut errors by 30% and enabled identification, selection and parts ordering online.
· Transformed ad hoc approach to manual cataloguing with a standardized electronic parts catalogue that cut 18% from publishing budget, offered immediate online content management, and reduced labor by 700 person hours.
· Key driver of substantial cultural change initiative that transitioned staff from non-computer users, to competent operators familiar with web browsers, CSS-Net, and basic troubleshooting.
· Negotiated global software licensing and pricing agreement that exposed all companies within the Komatsu group to the same price structure.
· Orchestrated complete project from data mapping and content design, through network and PC upgrades, replicated intranet web-servers for 24/7 operations, legacy parts master system integrations, and user guides.

Global Project: LinkOne Electronic Parts Catalogue Solution
Coordinated the global rollout of LinkOne—an electronic parts catalogue forming the core of the online spare parts ordering initiative. System reformed, modernized, and standardized a regional, fragmented approach that provided a uniform look and feel, and trimmed costs throughout the group.
Transition from manual catalogues paved the way for future revenue growth, exposing the company to expanded opportunities for online sales of spare parts.
· Managed vendors and coordinated a global team across Japan, USA, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Australia. Chaired project meetings, and conducted business and technical translations.
· Deployed electronic parts catalogues globally and within forecasted deadlines.

Consulate General of Australia
Manager, Marketing
Project: Building Material Exports
Opportunities for Australian building material and housing exports were presented by the Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 prompting devastation of housing on a mass scale.
· Acting independently, obtained emergency housing specifications and plans from the Hyogo Prefectural Government, identified and contacted potential Australian suppliers and local partners, initiated contact with trade intermediary Mitsubishi and submitted government bids.
· Sealed export deal to supply $US2.8 million of emergency housing that provided shelter to 200 Japanese families in Kobe.

Project: Australian Software Exports.
Researched and sourced internationally competitive, Australian software products for sale to Japan, executing market-entry strategies. Conducted IT product demonstrations in Japanese and English, and participated in trade shows including Groupware Japan and Comdex Japan.
· Successfully negotiated Japan market distribution agreement for grapeVINE Technologies Limited’s “grapeVINE for Lotus Notes” knowledge management software.

Project: Australian Multimedia.
Elevated awareness of Australia’s multimedia talent and capabilities, leading the AIMIA (Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association) mission to Japan and a mission to Australia by KMNCA (Kansai Multimedia Network Cooperative Association.
· Won signing of an MOU for collaborative development and marketing of multimedia between AIMIA and KMNCA.

Manager, Business Development
Assistant Manager, Business Development
· Overcame client company’s lack of import finance by managing a $5M trade finance facility offering finance to Australian IT manufacturers, importers, and exporters.
· Created venture capital opportunities in Australian hi-tech for JAVCF (Japan Australia Venture Capital Fund).
· Turned bankruptcy of importer of Eizo monitors into a revenue-generator, selling company’s high-resolution monitors to merchant banks and system integration companies.
· Executed complete market distribution agreement for ERMapper image processing software in Japan.
· Key player in the start-up Kia motor vehicles to Australia.


Bachelor of Arts
University of Sydney, NSW

Training includes:
XML Intensive Training, Enigma Boston MA
International Marketing, ITOCHU Ltd
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