Quality Control Chief Military

Renee McEvoy
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


14 Years' successful United States Marine Corps experience recruiting highly qualified men and women to serve their country. Expertly conduct applicant interviews, background investigations, enlistment waivers, and security clearances. Gifted communicator and high-energy relationship builder. Accustomed to working with all levels of state and local agencies. Awarded two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals for superior recruiting performance.


Interviewed, scheduled, processed, and managed United States Marine Corps enlistees, achieving
• Annual average 463 successful applicant contracts.
• Monthly mean 514 pool strength, pre-assigning programs and ship dates.
• District-wide 933 pooled applicants shipped in 12 months.
• Upper-mental group of 71.2% for 778 Delayed Entry Program applicants.
• Assignment and shipping of 184 reserves, assisting Reserve Affairs to attain end-strength goals.

Screened, verified, and investigated applicants' information and background, achieving
• Career best 0.6% investigations or inquiries of new recruit packages.
• Zero malpractice and fraud cases for Recruiting Station San Diego Marines.
• Overall 9.6% total force attrition compared to 11.5% Marine Corps' standard.
• Record low 7.2% district attrition rate recruiting.
• Twelve-month 2.5% fraud attrition rate.

• Led Recruiting Station San Diego to be awarded Superior Achiever and Western Region Recruiting Station to be named Quality Station of the Year.
• Piloted recruiting station to outperform district average in 11 of 13 quality indicator areas.
• Processed and provided average 82.7 enlistment waiver recommendations per week.
• Automated station workload 50% by creating databases for shipping and depping quality standards.
• Tracked 100% of pooled applicants according to name, ship date, and program, by designing new operations boards.


• Career Counseling • Resource Accounting • Background Investigation
• Office Management • Vocational Testing • Manpower Planning
• Contract Administration • Operational Audits • Job Classification
• Quota Management • Community Relations • Document Control


12th Marine Corps District Head Quarters, San Diego, CA
2001 - Present
Quality Control Chief
Oversee district quality control, directing 10 staff members. Inspect collect, examine, and report quality indicators and trends for 9 recruiting and 14 Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS). Coordinate quality control matters for all subordinate and adjacent commands. Investigate applicant medical waivers, ensuring accuracy and adherence to directives. Maintain accuracy of Quality Control Information System database. Assume district operations chief duties as required.

12th Marine Corps District, Recruiting Station, San Diego, CA
2000 - 2001
Operations Chief
Directed station recruiters consisting of 8 personnel. Interviewed and scheduled applicants for enlistment and processing. Controlled pool and shipping documents. Assigned and tracked reserve applicant quota serial numbers. Audited operations and accounting reports. Maintained Operations Status boards. Evaluated MEPS daily reports.

Head Quarters, Western Recruiting Region, San Diego, CA
1999 - 2000
Noncommissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC), MEPS Liaison
Worked independently with MEPS staff and service organizations as Commanding Officer's representative to enforce all quality control measures and provide final quality control checkpoint. Coordinated mental and physical examination scheduling for all applicants. Oversaw enlisting and shipping activity. Investigated and reported discrepancies in enlistment packages and processing to command group. Conducted independent verification of recruiting station special interest items.

Western Recruiting Region, Recruiting Station, San Diego, CA
1996 - 1999
Assistant Operations Chief
Managed region of 3 districts and 25 recruiting stations for daily accounting and contracting activities. Conducted region Training and Assistance Team inspections of MEPS. Liaised with recruiting districts and Recruiting Command for enlistment criteria, program changes, and policies. Managed weekly shipping between recruiting districts and Recruit Training Regiment for even flow, providing projections. Assumed operations chief duties as required.

Western Recruiting Region, Recruit Liaison Section, San Diego, CA
1994 - 1996
Quality Control Chief

Recruiting Station, Portland, OR
1992 - 1994
NCOIC, Military Enlistment Processing Station Liaison

Recruiting Station, Portland, OR
1987 - 1992
NCOIC, Recruiting Substation


HS Diploma, South Salem High School, Salem, OR - 1973
Recruiting Operations Course - 2000
Recruiting Military Enlistment Processing Station Liaison Course - 1993
Career Recruiter School - 1992
NCOIC for Recruiters Course - 1988
Recruiters School - 1987

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