Senior Telecommunications Manager

Jean Adams
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Senior Telecommunications Manager

· Senior-level telecommunications professional with 20 years of experience managing network and key account teams in the delivery of world-class service, streamlined operations, and sustainable bottom-line results.
· Recognized by senior executives, customers, vendors, and staff as a highly effective troubleshooter and problem-solver. Proven record of successfully resolving large-scale, complex issues, reducing expenses, improving operations/performance, and turning around customer satisfaction ratings.
· Strong leadership and effective communications skills with the ability to, create highly motivated, productive, customer-focused teams. Highly knowledgeable in telecommunications operations including voice and data communication network technologies.
· Core competencies include:
· Strategic & Tactical Business Planning
· Cross-Functional Team Leadership
· Internal Controls
· Key Account Management
· Process Analysis & Improvements
· Organizational Development
· Project Management
· Auditing, Financial Analysis, & P&L Improvements

Professional Experience

EFUNDS CORPORATION – New Berlin, Wisconsin
1996 to Present
A provider of electronic transaction processing to financial institutions, retailers, and electronic funds networks. Performs processing for 17,000 ATMs, 53,000 POS terminals; also performs check authorizations (SCAN Network), account verifications (ChexSystem), and fraudulent activity detection via its DebitBureau database.
Analyst, Service Management (2000 to Present)
Lead a multi-departmental team effort to investigate, identify, and resolve vendor and customer billing errors. Accountable for auditing internal procedures and creating new methods to eliminate waste and improve overall operations. Provide periodic reviews to senior management. Position functionally reports to Vice President of Information Technology. Accomplishments include:
· Initiated 24-month Telecommunications Linkage Project to combine multiple input sources (vendors, customers, and internal), re-write internal software code, install 50+ automatic controls, and perform management reporting. Developed methodology to prevent work errors causing vendor service issues. Managed a cross-functional team of project managers, quality assurance professionals, and application developers. To date, project has identified and saved $4.3 million in unused services.
· Initiated and developed processes to track, document, and implement software version management for vendor-provided hardware and ensure the most current versions in place. Reduced firmware variations from 16 to two and decreased annual vendor charges by $25,000.
· Managed internal staff and external customers for contract compliance. Performed audits; identified and corrected more than $800,000 in billing errors.

Manager, Network Operations (1996 to 2000)
Recruited to manage external vendor, resolve existing issues, and ensure a reliable data network consisting of a 10,000-node wide area network utilizing Legacy, Frame Relay, and IP technologies. Position reported to Vice President – Network and managed a staff of 25.
· Relieved contracted vendors of day-to-day operations responsibilities within 45 days and hired temporary replacements. Coordinated input from associated groups and implemented staffing plan to replace temporary workers with permanent staff. Recruited, interviewed, and hired 25 network personnel in first 90 days. Saved $300,000, decreased trouble report rate by 46% in the first 12 months.
· Developed and implemented comprehensive network operations methods and procedures. Initiated development of network performance management, workflow documentation, and issue-management enhancements. Created and directed training/development program for Network Operations staff.
· Created reporting processes to identify, track, and resolve trouble reports. Decreased overall trouble report rate by 90% in 12-month period. Reduced repeat problem report rate to less than one percent.

U.S. WEST COMMUNICATIONS – Seattle, Washington
1984 to 1995
Acquired by Qwest Communications International Inc. in 2000.
Strategic Customer Service Manager – Boeing (1990 to 1995)
Selected by Vice President/General Manager to improve telecommunications service delivery to Boeing the largest commercial account representing $33 million in annual revenues.
· Reviewed existing operations and identified issues. Created internal and external organizational structures with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Directed staff in better reporting, tracking, and service delivery. Improved telecommunication service 30% in 1993 and 40% in 1994. Boeing noted U.S. West had become one of its “best vendors.”
· Facilitated communication and team environment between technical staffs; jointly identified need for expanded services and increased annual sales 25% while reducing operating costs 20%.
· Formulated companywide strategic plans addressing Boeing’s future service needs. Developed and directed project plans for the implementation of an extensive telecommunications network and services.

Regional Project Manager – Information Systems Division (1988 to 1990)
Selected to centralize and standardize three internal telecommunication operations departments with minimal service disruption. Provided senior-level leadership to 350 managers, technicians, and support personnel.
· Developed and implemented plans to consolidate internal data communication networks. Led project teams in defining goals and tracking progress. Coordinated efforts to identify and resolve customer-service issues.
· Restructured organization and facilities; saved more than $1.35 million in salaries, benefits, and facilities expenses.

Network Operations Supervisor – CCTAC (1984 to 1988)


Bachelor of Science – University of the State of New York, Albany, New York

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