Director Of Special Projects Manufacturing

Robin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Professional career reflecting 20 years experience in creative leadership and visionary capacities to establish complex, competitive, and highly regulated manufacturing environments. Have established strategic plans, developed systems and operational overhauls that were instrumental for consulting and turnaround ventures, in which corporate image was transformed, performance improved and profitability accelerated. A keen eye for detail has placed me in high profile assignments responsible for all the development of a 'manufacturing and production footprint' that would establish Continuous Flow Manufacturing concept in multiple departments. Leadership includes strategic business planning, operations, finance, risk management, negotiations, marketing, equipment modification, testing, quality control and facility utilization.


Awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Merrimack College. Have enhanced academic credentials in Effective Management of Production Operations through the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University. Have acquired practical experience and training in regulatory compliance, quality, safety, security, operations, personnel development, research and development, product design, process flow and numerous computer based business applications. Past Chapter President of the American Production and Inventory Control Society. Acquired Certified Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)


• Participated in extensive Kaizen analysis which led to re-engineering of space and staff utilization; resulting in 32% reduction in floor space, 64% reduction in travel and $54K annual reduction in subassembly inventory
• Discerning sense of staff needs, developed positive relationships with staff and designed training programs that increased competence and enhanced ownership of corporate objectives
• Devised a strategic process by which to analyze and assess customer needs, current products usage and up-sell additional products 60% of the time
• Customer driven executive able to resolve complaint situations, custom design products, modify deadlines and increase consumer loyalty, while also acquiring business previously held by competitors
• Change agent with a commitment to quality, participated in the acquisition of ISO 9001 certification
• Commitment to consistency in quality led to the utilization of the QSI software in order to maintain and improve on enhancement attained during the ISO process
• Designed customized computer programs to interface all General Motors scheduling software with existing in-house shipping software
• Increased competency of 'bar code production' which served as a point of reference for new implementation of similar system into all assembly plants


These skills and experiences support a variety of leadership capacities, such as Vice President of Operations, Director of Procurement, or Plant Manager.


Parker Hannifin Corporations
1994 - 2003
Director of Special Projects
• Sought by senior management to coordinate Continuous Flow Manufacturing team that overhauled all foundry operations; efforts improved schedule control, increased on time delivery to over 90% and reduced 'materials in process' to less than two days on hand inventory
• Transferred by corporate administration to implement and monitor the operations based MRP system, WIP communications system, and inventory management programs for $30M specialty division
• Held direct P&L responsibility for 35% of all production and shipping functions
• Multi-departmental management included, but was not limited to: 5 assembly areas, paint & pack operation, small parts distribution and order fulfillment
• Intuitive understanding of customer needs led to resolution of customer concerns, custom design changes, and schedule modifications to elevate customer satisfaction and quality scores to 95%

Gray Media, Incorporated/Monochrome Press
1991 - 1994
Vice President of Marketing
• Established, organized and expedited a specialty publishing business for 'best practices and methodologies' within a manufacturing environment
• Publications included technical books and marketed 'industry specialized articles, policies, and publications focused on performance improvement, distribution, and service
• Designed catalogs, advertising, & articulated services for start up from concept to implementation
• Took initiatives to research new products, analyze the market, establish positive public relations, and enhance coverage/exposure for new products

Warren Corporation
1983 - 1991
Resource Manager Kingston
• Diverse manager responsible for operations planning and sales support
• Coordinated Class A MRPII system, planning bills of materials, forecasting models and long range production schedules
• Established strategic interface as tier one supplier to 13 General Motors plants to reduce finished goods inventory and JIT parts for production to less than 10 days
• Discerning business sense led to negotiable reduction in past due orders to less than 3%
• Total inventory turns increased from 8 to 14.5 as annual sales grew from $62M to $100M+
• Developed safety procedures, supplier scheduling systems and vendor performance evaluation

Compugraphic Corporation
1982 - 1983
Manufacturing Analyst
• Acquired APICS certification and brought new standards of knowledge and excellence to the user testing and inventory records portions of the latest MRP database

1980 - 1982
Adams-Russell Company
• Charged by senior management to participate in the first MRP implementation team
• Researched purchase options and negotiated materials purchase of cable connector assembly and microwave antenna components

Centronics Data Computers Corp
1979 - 1980
Production/Inventory Planner
• Held total responsibility for planning and requisition of parts for micro printer assembly line

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