Screening Manager Federal Employment

Robin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Screening Manager, SV-1801-H
Transportation Security Administration, Kennedy International Airport
Federal Civilian Grade Held: SV-0019-G, Security Screener Supervisor—12/01 – Present
Security Clearance: SECRET  Veterans Preference: None  Citizenship: USA

20 Years’ Experience in Executive Administrative Law Enforcement

· 14 years’ diversified, “hands-on” upper-management experience, with expertise in multi-site administrative, personnel, and security operations.
· Career experience includes administrating, coordinating, and managing programs and services; providing aviation security, corporate security, and force protection affecting personnel, equipment, and facilities.
· Experienced in plan for security and administrative needs developing, implementing, and administering comprehensive security and administrative policies and procedures.
· Skilled in observation, inspection, interviewing, and investigation techniques.
· Well-developed people skills: Interact with passengers, colleagues, and airlines in diplomatic and professional manner across variety of settings and with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.
· Proficient in Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AmiPro, Dbase, and Form flow.


Transportation Security Screener Supervisor
12/01 – Present
40 h / week
Transportation Security Administration
Kennedy International Airport, PO Box 329, New York, NY 11289
Supervisor: John Doe, 210-555-1212; May be contacted
Manage, coordinate, and perform inspectional, investigative, and advisory activities to enforce compliance with Federal laws, regulations, and guidelines for passenger safety and airline security. Anticipate coverage, oversee rotations, and ensure acceptable gender ratios and suitably qualified employees at all locations. Blend teams for experience and skill, and to promote training and development. Structure breaks to provide maximum high-traffic coverage. Implement security-screening procedures. Screen 4000 passengers per shift, providing exemplary customer service.
· Direct, coach, and evaluate team of 3 lead supervisors in management and oversight of 46 screeners and day-to-day operations of 2 large checkpoints and 22 gates.
· Facilitate comprehensive introduction, orientation, and training of 32 new employees per week, including OJT, quality assessor assignment, and aggressive progress monitoring.
· Recognized first responder with first-rate, in-the-field performance, investigation, and documentation.
· Test 29 pieces of high-tech security equipment daily before allowing into service.
· Provide key assistance and information to management on all inquiries and investigations, including issues discovered in screening revealing security weaknesses.
· Participate instrumentally in security-sensitive information briefings, and meet with incoming/outgoing managers/supervisors for security and personnel issues, AVOs, Security Directives and any changes to SOPs.
· Prepare and present daily briefings on AVOs, Directives, and changes to SOPs for daily work impact. Address recent local and national security incidents and response activities, encouraging employee input for security refinements and use of procedures and policies in local environment.

08/80 – 09/00
40 h / week
38 Jefferson Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 20102
$82,000 / year
Supervisor: John Doe, 912-555-1212; May be contacted
Provided executive law enforcement management and administration throughout distinguished 20-year career leading operational change in series of complex and demanding roles. Oversaw, administrated, managed, and coordinated multimillion-dollar programs and budgets affecting personnel, equipment, and facilities.
Executive Assistant to the Commissioner (01/98 – 09/00)
· Managed staffing for 21 facilities and all day-to-day operations of department, including budgets, financial accounting, HR, procurement, funds, property, food service, loss prevention, and inventory control.
· Coordinated all operations of Security, Programs, and Administration branches, chairing staff meetings and reporting directly to Commissioner of Jersey City Department of Correction.
· Saved department $300,000 per month by decommissioning unneeded facility and redistributing all resources among remaining 21, with no loss of personnel.
· Reduced department absentee rate from 22% to 14% by instituting stringent absentee control policies.
· Wrote 2-3 directives per week to change policies and procedures addressing 16,000 employees.
· Dispatched average 6-8 teletypes per day effecting 21 facilities.
· Performed fact-finding and field investigation for sensitive inquiries, averaging 15 per week.
Departmental Chief Operations Officer (12/96 – 12/97)
· Managed overall security and administrative operations for department of 21 facilities and 15,000 uniformed and civilian employees.
· Provided departmental instruction and in-service training of 2 courses per week over 60 weeks, writing all lesson guides and training handouts. Subjects included:
· Detection and Interdiction of Contraband.
· Intrusion and Drug Interdiction.
· Crime Scene Preservation.
Executive Assistant to the Bureau Chief of Compliance (09/93 – 11/96)
· Oversaw 2 to 3 annual security audits of 21 department facilities and field units.
· Performed extensive operations audits of 21 jails to ensure compliance with 16 federal and 10 state and local laws with departmental regulations, twice per year.
· Supervised 2 to 3 annual efficiency audits of 21 department HR units to ensure efficient deployment and use of staff, and accurate timekeeping, scheduling, and payroll procedures.
Executive Assistant to the Bureau Chief of Administration (05/90 – 09/93)
· Oversaw all aspects of personnel management, including absence and sick leave control, Applicant Investigation Unit (AIU), Uniformed Resources Allocation Control Unit, and Disciplinary Unit
· Reviewed and recommended approval of approximately 1500 annual recruits.
· Instituted monthly managers report of metrics for 21 facilities on administration, security, and programs, compiled into department Microsoft Access database.
· Converted manual staffing level for 21 facilities to computerized spreadsheets, establishing Excel database of 500 linking formulas.
Executive Officer to the Assistant Chief of Division Two (02/88 – 04/90)
· Managed administrative and security operations for 6 correction facilities.
Personnel (Human Resources)/Administrative Supervisor (02/84 – 01/88)
· Managed administrative and personnel operations for correction facility.
Personnel (Human Resources) Transition Supervisor (01/80 – 02/84)
· Set up and commenced personnel operations for opening of 6 new correctional facilities.


Master of Science in Administration, 1990
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20783

Bachelor of Science in Management, 1987
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY 14623


Leadership, Ethics & Presentation for Managers
Senior Management Techniques
Security Evaluations & Assessments
Conflict Resolution & Mediation
Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery
Advance Training in HR Management
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Instructor Development Training Certificate
Site Security Management
Bomb Threats & Suspicious Mail & Packages
Intrusion & Drug Interdiction
Detection Imaging & Scanning
Crime Scene Preservation
Use of Force & Deadly Physical Force
Hostage Negotiations & Recovery
Reduced Violence Training
Prevention and Detection of Fraud
Infectious Disease


· Employee of the Month, February 1984
· Employee of the Month, July 1988
· Five (5) year Perfect attendance July 1988
· Ten (10) Year Perfect Attendance July 1993
· Fifteen (15) Years Perfect Attendance July 1998
· Excellent Duty Award August 1999
· Meritorious Duty Award January 2002

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