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Marion McLeod
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Process engineer fully involved in all aspects of an engineering and construction firm, with solid knowledge of the project development process. Currently pursuing an M.B.A. in Finance. Earned two undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry. Background includes designing and budgeting a project, conducting presentation to the client, redesigning specifications to meet client economic feasibility plan, negotiating the contract and assigning responsibility, ensuring project remains within budget, purchasing equipment and necessary materials, writing start-up manual, start-up, developing more detailed designs, establishing specifications regarding vessels-compressors-pumps, and negotiating additional work.


1997 - Present
Process Engineer
Provide engineering expertise while working on various projects primarily in Texas, Louisiana, and South America. Participate throughout the entire process from front-end design and project awarding to construction and completion. Interact with engineers and project development managers on projects ranging from $1 million to $50 million. Provide technical writing assistance to the marketing department.

• Completed turnkey design, engineering, and construction projects under budget and on schedule for the following:
- Camron Energy Field Services Eagleton Plant (Texas) A 200 MMSCFD conventional turbo-expander natural gas plant with full fractionation with 89% ethane recovery -- Facility includes a 1,200 GPM MDEA plant for inlet gas treating, a 60 GPM TEG dehydration unit, product fractionation, 1,100 HP of refrigeration compression, and 11,600 HP of residue gas compression
- Camron Energy Field Services Hanover Plant (Texas) A 100 MMSCFD refrigerated turbo-expander natural gas plant with 88% ethane recovery -- Facility includes a 1,060 BPD condensate stabilizer and a 100 GPM DEA liquid product treater, with 2,700 HP of recompression and 1,100 HP of refrigeration compression (plant has performed at a higher rate than client expected)
- Louisiana Trust Gas Plant (Louisiana) A 200 MMSCFD conventional turbo-expander plant with 84% ethane recovery -- Facility includes a 1,200 GPM MDEA plant for inlet gas treating, a 60 GPM TEG dehydration unit, a 175 GPM MDEA liquid product treater, a thermal oxidizer, and 10,000 HP of residue gas compression
• Coordinated and led the proposal development for the following projects:
- Design and economic feasibility on a new Pressure Swing Adsorption technology for Bradford Corporation for the processing of a nitrogen rich natural gas stream at a fraction of the cost of tradition cryogenics
- Disassembly, shipment, and installation of the Blanco Bay Processing Plant to the Dentry Gas Plant site (Texas) - Facility included a 20 MMSCFD turbo-expander plant and a 30 GPM MDEA product treater
- Design and construction of natural gas treating and dehydration systems in a joint venture with Ingenieria SudAmerica (Argentina) for YPF and PlusPetrol with 20, 70, and 100 MMSCFD capacities, including MDEA gas treating and TEG dehydration systems
• Researched Camron Energy Field Services existing system at their Hennrick Gas Plant and devised a plan that expanded their amine treating system at an economical cost without a total re-haul
• Developed a template that designs a molecular dehydration bed system and significantly reduced project time from hours to a few minutes
• Set-up spreadsheets in Excel to track project budgets in progress
• Currently writing a marketing brochure to introduce the company's overall capabilities in refinery off-gas


Currently enrolled in the Master of Business Administration Program with an Emphasis on Finance
• Courses include corporate finance, financial management, marketing, managerial economics, managerial accounting, business strategy and policy.

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineer -- May 1997
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry -- May 1994

Order of the Engineer and American Institute for Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

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