Senior Network Engineer

Renee McEvoy
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Accomplished Senior Network Engineer with 12 years of LAN, WAN and telecommunications experience. Improved uptime from 90% to 99% in current network administration role (1998-present).


· Extensive networking experience configuring, installing and maintaining LANs, WANs, routers, ether switches, UNIX (Solaris/SCO/Linux) and Windows (NT/2000) servers and clients; CCNA status.
· Expert in designing, implementing and maintaining VoIP networks (gateways, gatekeepers, routers and billing system), as well as VPNs and CSU/DSUs.
· Protocols: LAN (TCP/IP, ICMP, UDP, SNMP, etc.), multiple routing (RIP I, RIP II, OSPF, etc.), WAN (PPP, Frame Relay, etc.) and various network analysis tools.
· Hardware: Build and support Sparc and Intel servers; experienced in CISCO routers and Ethernet switches; experienced with Checkpoint Firewall and HP OpenView Network Node manager.
· Applications: Microsoft Project Excel/Word/PowerPoint; and Visio.


Senior Network Engineer: NetSystems, Jacksonville, FL
Plan and manage all networking projects, budget, configuration, installations and support.
· Manage LAN/WAN environment, with Cisco switches and routers, UNIX and Windows NT servers, Checkpoint firewall and remote access (VPN and dial-up), as well as multiple labs doing VoIP software and hardware development. Network supports up to 150 end-users.
· Improved network uptime from 90% to 99% with preventative maintenance, upgrades and training.
· Designed and set up ECI IP network security using Checkpoint Firewall (internet access security and VPN), Network Associates Virus protection and Surf Control (for proper use of bandwidth).
· Met or exceeded all performance goals to date. For skills and work ethic, retained following 75% reduction in department staff (2003) and layoffs following corporate acquisition (1998).
· Administered Solaris/Windows NT on E450s, Ultra 10s, SPARC 5/10 workstations, NT 2000 and 4.0 servers, and Windows client PCs. Managed backups (Veritas), NIS+, DHCP, FTP server and DNS.
· Enabled $50,000 in new revenue by installing VoIP solution for X/IP (Interoute UK) -- first multinational VoIP installation for ECI and X/IP. Done on time and under budget, delighting client.
· Supervised team of 15 engineers during on-time, on-budget integration of third-party products (Cisco 5300 GWs, VocalTec Gatekeepers, etc.) with billing system.
· Configured and maintained Cisco routers and switches. Configured and supported HP OpenView Network Node Manager. Configured and supported local data access (Frame Relay and PPP).
· Designed and set up network. Evaluated, purchased, configured and installed equipment; wired building.

Manager, Network Development: NetTech, Inc., Jacksonville, FL
Developed, set up and supported system design for nationwide (100+ POP) IP-based network to run over public frame relay. Supported up to 4,000 users on four sites. Recruited to position.
· Handled TCP/IP routing using OSPF, DLCI numbering and proactive management scheme.
· Saved more than $200,000 by evaluating, selecting and installing central site and border routers used in network implementation. Products evaluated included Cisco, Nortel, Ascom Timeplex and 3Com.
· Evaluated and selected Frame Relay vendors (AT&T, LDDS, Sprint, MCI and others). Also evaluated, selected and installed T1 DSU/CSUs (Tylink, Adtran, Motorola, and Visual) and manageable HUBs.
· Built small private frame relay network (12 PVCs) using Ascom Timeplex ST1000 switch.
· Configured and installed HP OpenView w/Web Server support for Network Operations Center.

Senior Network Systems Engineer: CBNets, Inc., Jacksonville, FL
Managed network operations. Installed and maintained all related equipment. Recruited to position.
· Designed, set up and managed nationwide multi-protocol WAN, including installation, configuration and administration of Cisco routers; Synoptic hubs and Catalyst/SMC ether switches.
· Ensured 99.95% network availability, despite rapid growth. Managed and maintained connectivity between all 15 sites, for seamless transmission of data between servers and workstations nationwide.
· Planned and oversaw installation of structured wiring scheme with fiber optic and Cat 5 cable systems.
· Supported Jacksonville WAN of 250+ PCs, 100+ X-terminals and 50 shared (UNIX/Novell) printers.
· Installed and administered 43 UNIX file/application servers while ensuring all server/application availability goals were exceeded. Designed and built first corporate network from scratch.

Network Analyst: Tech Center Jacksonville, FL
Managed and maintained mission-critical medical records imaging system. Client/server system included PC workstations, HP9000 857 (running HP-UX and Informix Turbo), three 93 Gigabyte Optical Jukeboxes, and 42 Gigabytes of mirrored magnetic disk space.
· Dramatically reduced system down time, from 6 hours per week to less than 10 minutes per week.
· Configured and installed IBM RS/6000 model 570 for Managed Care (hospital billing support system) using Oracle as database system.
· Administered enterprise network. Supported fiber optic backbone, Novell-based LANs (12 file servers, 800+ PCs, 450+ terminals and 64 shared printers), mini-computers (H-P, IBM and DEC), and metropolitan WAN (three remote sites).
· Successfully maintained connectivity between host systems, including native operating system protocols, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NETBIOS, and peripheral sharing devices using NFS.

Prior technical experience in United States Army Signal Corps; achieved Top Secret Clearance. Completed projects involving communication systems design, installation and maintenance. Served as System Administrator. Managed up to 150 personnel and multi-million dollar communications projects.


Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering, University of Montana, Billings, MT.


· System Administration classes: Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard and Novell.
· HP OpenView Node Manager Administration classes.
· Cisco Router Configuration classes: (Basic and Advanced).
· Certification: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

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