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Candace Catello
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Marketing Director


Marketing executive with nine years experience developing and delivering effective marketing campaigns to support products in a wide variety of categories. Range of expertise includes packaging, print media, radio, television, and Web-based promotions. Recognized for expanding products into new markets to achieve sales growth. Ability to develop, train, and lead marketing teams to manage all aspects of the product lifecycle.


· Successful track record of converting new or unknown products into branded market leaders.
· Create and maintain strong relationships with clients, associates, and external contacts.
· Create, develop, and implement award-winning programs, strategies, and sales tools from concept to completion, resulting in greater team efficiency and effectiveness.
· Develop innovative and targeted collateral to support overall branding objectives, with specific expertise in Web site advertising.
· Develop strategic alliances and business partnerships on both a local and global level. Maintain an extensive network of industry contacts.


1999 - Present
Marketing Director
Directed all marketing activities for electronic game software publisher, including product packaging, advertising campaigns, product rollouts, store placement, endorsements, media activity, product reviews, and Web site referrals. Managed a team of 10 marketing personnel including product, communication, and public relations managers.
· Coordinated efforts of marketing team to grow annual sales to over $83M with a marketing budget of $2M.
· Analyzed the comparative effectiveness of advertising strategies to determine most effective strategy for each type of game.
· Expanded advertising strategy to international markets, realizing a phenomenal 250% growth in sales.
· Served as liaison with game producers, providing market feedback on product features and usability as well as recommendations for new games.

1997 - 1999
Senior Marketing Manager
Developed and managed marketing campaigns for 15 major clients, including campaigns for healthcare products, food products, and travel destinations. Directed a team of five product marketing managers, three copywriters, and two graphic artists. Contracted with radio and television production agencies to increase customer and brand awareness.
· Brainstormed with product marketing managers to develop innovative marketing strategies for all new products.
· Led a cross-functional team through the product development lifecycle and strategic planning functions for a new release of healthcare product, generating over $5M in sales.
· Conducted competitive analyses and led customer focus groups to determine product features and positioning. Successfully positioned five out of top 7 products as leaders within their category.
· Implemented new marketing strategies that improved results from past marketing campaigns by 82%.

1995 - 1997
Product Marketing Manager
Managed all phases of the product lifecycle for software products, including concept development, product design, marketing campaigns, product launches, distribution, and discontinuation. Closely monitored product sales. Developed concepts for marketing collateral.
· Conducted strategic marketing analysis to determine distribution, price, and promotions.
· Organized launch celebration and roll out events to generate vendor interest in products.
· Monitored products for profitability, identifying potential areas for development and expansion.
· Developed strategic partnerships to enhance sales and facilitate future product releases.

1993 - 1995
Advertising Representative
Directed concept formation, presentation, design, and production of advertising campaigns for popular musical groups. Reviewed and revised marketing copy for print, radio, and television advertisements.
· Created and implemented a print and media campaign that increased sales by 32% in a 6-month period.
· Supervised collateral and print production processes from initial concept to completion.
· Met with clients to present proposals and alternatives, using customer feedback to improve campaigns.
· Established client network to heighten awareness of new musical talent, increasing business development and partner opportunities.


Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing), 1993
Memphis University, Memphis, Tennessee


Association for International Product Management
International Marketing Association
Sales and Marketing Executives International
World Federation of Advertisers