Team Leader

Casey Catello
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Selected for management training at McDonalds, awarded Employee of the Month five times and cited for ability to lead and delegate. Experience and hands-on / theoretical training includes:

• Opening / Closing Procedures • Retail / Service Experience
• Leadership and Delegation • Presentations and Business Communications
• Certified Staff Trainer • Process Improvement / Quality Issues
• Accounting and Economics Study • Community and Customer Service
• Problem Solving / Troubleshooting • Planning and Organizing
• Business Administration


McDonald's Restaurant, Sarasota, FL

Team Leader
• Handle high volumes of money and counted and balanced cash drawer nightly.
• Participate in courses and training in financial and managerial accounting, developing an understanding of accounting cycle, financial statements, accounts receivables and payables, inventory costing, cost accounting, forecasting and budgeting.

Personnel Relations
• Provide training to new employees on all facets of operations and job performance. Demonstrate skills as leader, delegator and communicator.
• Present strong balance between team player and leadership roles.

Customer Service
• Provide quality customer service to a diverse population in time-sensitive environments.
- Handle customer relations, determine customer needs, and build solid rapport.

Management and Operations, Selected for store management training
• Perform opening and closing procedures, ensuring that all tasks were completed accurately.
• Maintain proper inventory stock levels.
• Assist management in increasing facility quality from lowest ranking location in division to best scoring with no deficiencies, and received award.
- Develop skills in inspection and quality control / process improvement procedures.
• Study leadership and management issues covering: business policy and procedure, production, marketing, personnel issues, business planning and administration.


Tampa Community College, FL
Business Administration
GPA: 3.5, Member, Phi Theta Alpha Honor Society for Business students


• • MS Windows, Office and Publishing Programs.

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