Restaurant Manager New Business

Kerry Cordova
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


General/Operational Management
Training Contact Manager
New Business Development
Marketing & Merchandising


La Grange Restaurant, Pocono Peak, PA
2002 - Present
Coordinated the daily operations of this 400 seat indoor/outdoor restaurant with 10 Managers and over 100 personnel including 10 hosts, 66 servers,15 bartenders, and 9 kitchen staff. Directed involvement in opening of store from original concept to finished product.

Clark Cafe, Pocono Peak, PA
2000 - 2001
Managed bar operations. Performed inventory of all liquor, beer/wine, glassware, and other items.

• Served as Support Manager at 2 Houston sites which involved training all personnel and supervising operations for 2 weeks.
• Offered General Manager post and declined due to out of state location.
• Decreased bar costs from 24.60% to 21.66%.

Clark Cafe, Pocono Peak, PA
2000 - 2000
Assigned as Acting General Manager/Team Leader of operations for this unit with $12,000,000 in annual sales. Reported directly to Owner.

• Stressed excellence in customer service which resulted in favorable publicity for the store.
• Controlled all aspects of operations including public relations, marketing, new business, and customer development.
• Supervised the daily activities of a Restaurant Manager and 4 Crew Supervisors, who were responsible for 41 personnel.
• Conducted weekly management meetings.

Clark Cafe, Pocono Peak, PA
1999 - 2000
Oversaw daily operations of this 325 seat restaurant (50 minute table time) with 45 personnel including 4 Crew Supervisors, 3 Bartenders, 8 Hostesses, 22 Wait staff, and 8 Bus persons.

• Established strong referral business from satisfied customers.
• Coordinated, planned and directly supervised staff activities.
• Ordered/purchased food/beverages and supplies, managed vendor negotiations.
• Resolved staff and customer grievances.
• Menu and record maintenance.


• Developed and implemented certification tests and wage increase policies.
• Chosen to oversee Management Advisory Committee meetings.
• Appointed Training Contact Manager.
• Traveled to units in New Jersey and Connecticut to oversee stores and train personnel.

Safari Bobs, Pocono Peak, PA
1998 - 1999
Sold safari and other items in the gift shop. Developed new business.

Frozen Delights, Pocono Peak, PA
1992 - 1999
Bought 3 units which had been performing well below potential, achieved turnaround by increasing sales to $330,000, $250,000, and $119,000 respectively, and sold units at a profit in just 7 years. Directly oversaw daily operations of 2 franchises and indirectly supervised a 3rd with a staff of 45 personnel (15 per store). All stores catered to special dietary needs and specialized in fat free and low cholesterol products.

• Managed all stages of remodeling/redesign of two stores, operational development, including formulation of long/short range plans involving capital costs/expenditures, and image development.
• Acted resourcefully to anticipate/resolve all operational problems and maximized productivity.
• Utilized innovative marketing strategies for marketing/merchandising, conducted promotional campaigns.
• Purchased foodstuffs/beverages, equipment and supplies, managed all vendor negotiations, sales/costing.
• Managed inventory, waste and quality control.
• Projected budgets and performed cost analyses.
• Oversaw payroll operations, accounts payable/receivable, profit & loss, bookkeeping, and record maintenance.


Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, IL
Associate, Graphic Design & Commercial Art
President's (Dean's) List - 1989-1991


Familiar with Excel, Word, Hospitality Systems Incorporated, Time Management Xpress

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