Information Technology Manager

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


IT management professional with 13+ years analyzing, designing, consulting, deploying and project managing multi-million dollar software development applications for the retail sector. Strong project management, business-focus and resource management capabilities influence growth, and elevate market perceptions of quality and consistency.


• Software Architecture • Database Design
• Project Management • Business Analysis
• Software Deployment • Object Oriented Design
• Quality Assurance Monitoring • Help Desk Implementation/Development


• Business/Project Strategy & Direction • Quality & Performance Management
• Crisis & Risk Management • Team Development/Motivation
• Recruitment/Deployment • Policy Design/Development
• User-Requirement Consulting • Client Relationship Management


• Languages: Visual Basic V6, Visual Basic.Net beta, VB Script, C++, HTML, JavaScript, COBOL
• Databases: Relational databases, SQL Server, Access, ADO
• Software Development: Object Oriented Analysis, Design, Programming, Testing, UML, IP, SMTP, POP3 programming using Socket tools, Symbol PDE 1100 development environment.
• Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows ME/98/95
• Applications: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, FrontPage, Lotus SmartSuite
• Networking: LAN/WAN - IP


Strategic Planning and Business Growth
• Spearheaded infrastructure refinements allowing for business expansion to accommodate personalized service for 100s of clients.
• Identified need for formal structure to support software product and end users at all levels of understanding. Planned, strategized and allocated financial and team resources to establish core help desk facility offering multi-level support capabilities.
• Instrumental figure in building fledgling software company to major player with several million dollars turnover and international representation.

Team Building and Influence
• Built a convincing case influencing management to establish a quality assurance division that drove process enhancements and tested end product prior to potential negative customer impact. QA division identified erroneous programming leading to potentially significant cost savings.
• Wooed, recruited and built strong technical teams from competitors and the general marketplace, including graduates and seasoned experts. Directed new recruits through intensive induction process to optimize team functionality.

IT Development
• Propelled new technologies, formulated future visions, designed systems, planned and scheduled software implementations and rolled out product on time and on budget across 100s of sites nation-wide.
• Composed first 3 versions of software; later, designed and collaborated with programming team to design, write, troubleshoot and debug newest version with approximately 1 million lines of code.
• Migrated product through DOS/Windows and web enabled applications; constructed company web site to share information and support services.


Maxwell Computer Solutions, Miami, FL
1987 - Present
Technical Director
Largest software providers to the specialist retail market, with multimillion dollar revenues, a staff of 20 and representation across Florida.

Multifaceted role driving strategic technological and business expansion enhancements, while simultaneously project managing software development, deployment, help desk support mechanisms, and system rollouts for 100s of clients. Major catalyst for infrastructure improvements, including revenue generating help desk support and quality assurance divisions.

• Sole programmer delivering first 3 versions of specialist retail management and financial software from initial concept through completion; devised project scope, milestones, plans and estimates; assessed risk, sought and analyzed technical solutions in collaboration with team and successfully delivered projects despite changing needs, staff and company priorities.
• Designed, built and deployed the first CRM/loyalty system based on SQL server, VB, and Access.
• Improved across the board understanding between the client and team members by creating detailed technical design documents illustrating business processes, and system environments.
• Eliminated system design errors, developing test plans as an ongoing necessity through to project rollout and implementation phases.
• Introduced Business Function Mapping. Integrated clients' business functions with product capability assuring expectations matched delivery.
• Designed and built generalized data mapping utilities to interface with other systems; included e-mail integration and extraction programs utilizing IP socket tools.
• Spearheaded helpdesk incident tracking and change control management systems in MS Access.
• Kept project plans on track, monitoring all software development phases in MS Project.
• Pioneered design and rollout of company intranet and web-based information and support site.
• Architected series of web-based applications based on Microsoft ASP model, and VB web classes.
• Delivered quality, functionally rich programs through absolute commitment to quality management procedures and objectives.
• Created a technically competent, energized team of developers, help desk operators, QA experts and implementation technicians by eliciting feedback, creating incentives for excellence and encouraging participation in all project phases.
• Established regular communications by planning a series of status meetings and written feedback components. This initiative served to strengthen customer partnerships, increased mutual respect/understanding and virtually eliminated potential for conflict or misconceptions.
• Acted as the direct liaison between customers and team members to coordinate the transfer of information and documentation and provide periodic updates on project status to the board.

Chamber of Commerce, Miami, FL
1985 - 1987
Reported to: Director of IT and Manager Planning
Researched, strategically analyzed, and composed tender documentation for a new development environment positioning the Chamber for responsible technological growth over 10 years.

Doyle and Associates, Miami, FL
1984 - 1985
Corporate Marketing/Technical Support
Reported to: Corporate Marketing Manager.
Established and maintained corporate technical support for database.


University of New England, Boston, MA
Diploma, Company Directorship

Monash University, Boston, MA
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

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