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Max Miller
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Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years experience designing and delivering engineering solutions for major construction projects. Specializing in HVAC systems using the latest components and techniques. Demonstrated ability to direct a team of technical professionals to meet or exceed project goals. Expertise in theoretical model analysis and prototype testing. Pioneer in applying computer technology to mechanical engineering processes achieving improvement in quality and savings in time.


· Innovation – research and apply new technologies and methods to improve service.
· Management – coordinate professionals to deliver integrated, high quality construction.
· Planning – institute long-range forecasting for growth and improvement.
· Technical expertise – in-depth knowledge of diverse aspects of mechanical engineering, recognized as an expert in HVAC systems.
· Client relations – maintain focus on client needs and expectations, follow-up to ensure satisfaction and improve products and services.


1994 - Present
Mechanical Engineer
Directed mechanical engineering team for major construction company, including personnel management, planning and budgeting, technical design, bids and working documents, project management, and quality control. Implemented and monitored strict use of project management procedures and systems. Researched new products and techniques in industry.
· Researched and implemented HVAC innovations, reducing costs by 22%.
· Developed detailed project proposals and presented recommendations to senior partners.
· Institutionalized process of conducting follow-up studies of engineering projects to identify opportunities to improve products or processes.
· Spearheaded long-range planning to prepare for growth and technological change.

1991 - 1994
Industrial Engineer
Served as liaison between the engineers, architects, and clients for large-scale construction projects. Analyzed all technical drawings and identified inconsistencies among designs.
· Standardized working drawings and specification sheet formats across sub-contractors to improve communication.
· Developed simulated models of projects to conduct theoretical analysis of construction materials and techniques.
· Analyzed all change orders to quickly identify ripple effects on other systems.
· Constructed prototypes of specialized components to test durability and suitability.

OCTAGON, INC., Hoboken, NJ
1980 - 1991
Associate Engineer
Designed HVAC systems for office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and stores. Created detailed drawings and related documents for bids, coordinating with project engineers and architects. Presented alternative designs to engineering staff and clients.
· Calculated building HVAC requirements to ensure adequate capacity of system.
· Applied OSHA and EPA requirements and prepared documents to support permit and inspection process.
· Attended vendor presentations to learn about developments in HVAC technology.
· Applied CAD tools, reducing design time by 20%.


Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering), 1980
Garden State University, Newark, New Jersey

Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering), 1977
New Jersey State College, Trenton, New Jersey


Certified Professional Engineer, State of New Jersey
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member