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Seeking a junior structural engineering, project management, or related position utilizing successful experience in civil engineering, consulting, design and building construction. Extensive experience in a wide variety of projects, featuring power plants, highways, gas lines, manufacturing plants, large buildings, and residential apartment structures.


Over 11 years of experience in positions with national and international companies, including Lead Structural Design Engineer, Structural Design Engineer, and Technical Office Manager. Skilled in all aspects of civil engineering, major project management, hands-on structural design and design management, international high-standard structural design for both steel and reinforced concrete structures, budgetary and labor cost controls, estimating and ordering equipment and materials, and coordination with technical staff. Arabic and English communication skills.

Administrative skills include expertise in automated accounting systems with job cost tracking, establishment and maintenance of banking, bonding, and insurance relationships, purchasing procedures, personnel management, knowledge of international construction law, generation of in-depth reports and proposals, group speaking and presentation skills, serving as liaison between government officials and clients, supervision of crews, and the ability to interact effectively with senior management, regulatory officials, inspectors, architects, clients, crews, and the public.

Proficient with a wide range of design and engineering software, including Staad/Pro, Robot Millennium, Saap 2000 (CSI), Etabs NL (CSI), Prokon, PCA Column, PCA Mat, AutoCAD, Xsteel, and Eritower. International standards included AISC, ACI, BS, ETA, ASCE, and UBC. Utilized ACI-318, UBC and ASCE standards for concrete, and EIA-222, AISC, ASCE standards for steel structures. Consistently noted by past and present superiors, associates, clients, and staff for attention to detail, outstanding job performance, leadership by example, ability to prioritize multiple projects, dedication to quality, and completion of all projects within budgets and deadlines.


Genpro-Aram Industries, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2000 - 2002
Lead Structural Design Engineer
• Selected as Lead Structural Engineer for an international firm with project assignments related to the power industry. Designed and engineered equipment buildings with extensive electromechanical requirements, including slab and wall openings, trenches, basements, rafts, overhead cranes, and various embedments. All structures were designed to accept extreme vibration and dynamic loads.
• Utilized pre-tensile beams and hollow core for large spans, designed latticed steel structures, including cable Gantries (portiques) and towers connecting the main line to the station ( 380/132/33 KV). Issued complete shop drawings for all designs observing strict ACI-318, UBC and ASCE standards for concrete, and EIA-222, AISC, ASCE standards for steel structures.
• Utilized Staad/Pro, Robot Millennium, Safe, PCA-Col, Prokon, Powline, PCI-Mat, Xsteel, and related software, established a civil works Master Plan and managed all civil activities involving design and construction.
• Received recognition from superiors for achieving substantial cost savings on civil projects through finding better solutions, researching lower prices, insisting on better quality control, and ensuring that approvals and handovers were completed as scheduled.
• Supervised the work of two civil engineers, guided them on structural decisions, provided support through design, and approved design work.

Saudicom International, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
1998 - 2000
Structural Design Engineer
• Served as Structural Design Engineer for a US $6 billion major telecommunications expansion project within Saudi Arabia with responsibility for design of telecommunications towers for Microwave, GSM, and SRS systems. Heights on the various structures ranged from 15 meter (monopoles) and 90 meter (latticed), to 120 meter (masts), utilizing Staad and Eritower software for the design.
• Additionally responsible for reviewing and checking shop drawings for towers, design of tower foundations using Staad, SAFE, and PCA-MAT software, and structural design for RC buildings to be modified for expansion, requiring complicated, challenging, and creative structural engineering analysis approaches and solutions. Prepared 'method of procedure' reports for various stages of construction to ensure safety.

Hannan Engineering, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
1997 - 1998
Structural Design Engineer
• Assigned to coordinate a variety of engineering and design-build functions for Saudi royal family castles and estates involving projects in the U.S. $20 million and above range.
• Engineering duties included design for the castles, preparing calculations, creating shop drawings, and personally designing large spans, in-house swimming pools, underwater rooms, natural stone structures, theatres, caves, and artificial ruins.
• Utilized ACI-318, ASCE, and UBC standards, designed stone structures per design recommendations from different sources, and used Staad/Pro, Prokon, and Excel software to perform project tasks.

Nissan Heavy Industries and RBNC
1994 - 1996
Technical Office Manager
• Served as Technical Office Manager for TOEC, one of the largest and most successful civil contractors in Syria, with project including the Lattakia Harbor expansion, numerous power projects, gas lines, manufacturing plants, highways, buildings, residential apartment structures, and many other projects.
• Responsible for providing technical support, assisting with the tender stage and preliminary solution proposals, creating detailed project drawings, trouble shooting problems, and solving various construction difficulties.
• Assigned as Technical Office Manager for the 600MW Jandar C/C power plant project with responsibility for producing shop drawings for Mitsubishi designs, coordinating design of different trades, supervising multi-discipline engineers, and troubleshooting the entire project.
• Personally redesigned 3 main buildings with a better solution for the main steam turbine building, the workshop building, and the administration building, in addition to developing a complete design for a 5-story, 153-unit apartment complex. Utilized British standards for steel structures and ACI for RC structures.

Usima Hannad & Co., Damascus, Syria
1990 - 1994
Lead Structural Design Engineer
• Recruited to work with one of the leading engineering consultancies in the Middle East. Major projects included design of the reinforced concrete Baidram Zurnab Hotels Complex (one 5-star & one 4-star hotel and facilities), Mashti al Hila Resort, a combined RC and steel frame structure (one 5-star hotel & 11 apartment buildings), Bayet Gas Field Facilities, and Monument of the Unknown Soldier. Utilized British standards for steel structure and ACI for RC.


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

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