Senior Manager Telecommunications

Frances O'Malley
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Executive-Level Management Professional

Goal-oriented, multi-tasking professional with 15+ years experience in telecommunications and information technology management. Possess wealth of knowledge and wide range of skill sets, as well as strengths in organization, written and oral communication, technology, project management, critical thinking, troubleshooting, problem analysis and resolution, customer service, and personnel management/training skills. Work well under pressure and consistently meet or exceed deadlines. Enjoy intellectual challenges and take pride in following projects through from planning to completion. Interact well with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, professional and technical levels.


Operations Support Systems: TMN, NMA, TIRKS, MARCH, TAS, SCCS, LMOS, WFA, UNIX
Telecom Switch Technologies: AT&T, NORTEL, SIEMENS (EWSD), 5ESS
Training Networks: Ethernet, Token Ring, Novell
Network Environments: SONET, T-Carrier, ISDN, ATM, FR, LAN/WAN, NOC/SCC
Protocols: TCP/IP, SNA, HDLC, SDLC, IPX/SPX, X.25
Internetworking Hardware: Datakit Packet Switch, Routers, Bridges
Carrier/Radio Systems: D4 Carrier, Telstar Radio, SLC96/40, Fujitsu, Litespan 2000
Multiplex Systems: Rockwell, Nortel
Internet: HTML, Web Design
Software: Microsoft Word/Excel/Project/FrontPage, Project Workbench, MS Windows


· Administrate and monitor a 3-year, $19 million budget in a manner the meets and exceeds milestone dates and budgetary guidelines.
· Accepted offer of employment with Bell Atlantic to lead start-up team of 14; grew team to 43 members responsible for replacing 284 switches in 2-year timeframe.
· Successfully impacted monthly revenues by $585 million, increased processing efficiency of 3.5 billion records per month, and minimized loss of billable revenue, thereby increasing bottom-line profitability.
· Streamlined processes and procedures in engineering and facilities design for Ameritech, including vendor and contractor management, inventory/logistics, construction, procurement, and monitoring/administrating all site, installation, power and network operations teams.
· Co-developed and introduced Siemens EWSD into U.S. telecommunications network; designed interfaces necessary to communicate with network OSS.
· Engineered AT & T’s first Datakit, the first packet network for use in the RBOC network support centers.
· Managed Y2K integration for switching networks in the 5-state region served by Ameritech.
· Authored, distributed, and implemented standardized processes, testing requirements, technical manuals, and MOPs for future control center operations.


Senior Manager-Telecom Group Systems, United States Communications
Program Manager GTE/Bell Atlantic IT Merger
· Provide transitional support and direction to both GTE and Bell Atlantic team members through merger of companies’ Information Technology departments.
· Streamlined the placement of resources necessary for melding of two independent staffs into a single cohesive unit.
· Spearheaded and implemented enhanced communications processes, resulting in increased knowledge sharing and strong interdepartmental relations.
· Developed and implemented strategic plans for the consolidation of project timelines and meeting of commitments.
· Ensure project remains on track for compliance with FCC and organizational goals.
Event Pre-Processor/Strategic Billing
· Direct the activities of up to 43 personnel on the development team, including 2 managers, 8 developers, and 4 analysts, as well as their support staff.
· Oversaw the replacement of multiple usage processing systems with a single unit using Amdocs software.
· Developed and fostered interdepartmental relationships, streamlining the exchange of information between clients and development personnel.

Senior Staff Member, Telecommunications Solutions, Boca Raton, FL
Telecommunications Maintenance Network Solutions
· Analyzed, defined, developed, and marketed solutions in support of services for RBOC/IXC/CLEC clients.
· Spearheaded the development of Object Oriented Design (OOD) Models for telecommunications service platforms.
First Office Application
· Served as on-site consultant for customer assisted implementation and testing of new hardware and software.
· Spearheaded and engineered development of Datakit Switch Packet.

Communications Specialist, Manager-Y2K Implementation, System Administrator
Ameritech/Illinois Bell
· Directed and monitored implementation of Y2K conversions affecting 122 vendors and 45 million subscribers.
· Authored standard practices, testing requirements, troubleshooting guides and Method of Procedures for control center operations, maintained responsibility for systems administration.
· Engineered, managed and implemented configuration and installation of complex network backbones.
· Analyzed, troubleshot and repaired hardware/software issues in switch and transport technologies.
· Designed and implemented Disaster Recovery Plans and Database Management system for use by emergency personnel in the NOC Center.
· Led team responsible for creation and integration of inter-switch testing through mechanized platforms for wide area network testing.
· Maintained responsibility for Operations and Support Systems (OSS) Management throughout Switching Control Center and central offices of Northeast region.
· Oversaw design and installation processes for implementation and rollout of LAN/WAN applications for networking NOC/SCC workstations and mail systems.


Pursuing Degree in Computer Information Systems, St. Leo University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Trinity College


Management and Organizational Behavior
Corporate Human Resources

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