Director of Informational Systems Law Enforcement

Lee Robertson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Proactive, high-energy individual with over 25 years' experience in law enforcement principles and practices, as well as state and federal laws relating to correctional and law enforcement agencies. Adept at building trust and developing effective relationships with county agencies and officials. Excellent organizational, time management, and leadership skills, coupled with the ability to build and manage creative teams. Ability to think clearly and objectively, rapidly assessing the problem at hand while remaining calm in difficult situations.

• Penal Code • IJS & RDMT
• Emergency Operations • Public Speaking
• Community Awareness • Technical Projects
• Educating & Mentoring • Hostage Negotiations
• Multi-Agency Coordination • Local Government Rules & Procedures


• Pioneered the successful implementation of the RDMT project, an $11 million regional radio system and communications center involving 4 separate government entities. Liaised with Sheriff's office staff and county budget personnel for approval; developed specifications for vendors, and collaborated with attorneys over a 3-month period to write contract.
• Championed project management of IJS (Integrated Justice System) computer system; a $20 million project bringing together the Sheriff's office, Adult Probation, Constables, District Attorneys, County Attorneys, County and District courts, and elected County and District Clerks offices.
• Spearheaded writing of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the SWAT unit, ensuring awareness by all parties (SWAT and uniformed patrol) of procedures for SWAT callout, arrival, deployment at scene, use of tactically trained medics, and handling of all victims and witnesses.
• Instrumental in leading over 50 successful SWAT missions, ensuring the safety of all hostages, civilians, and team members.
• Played a pivotal role in Austin County agency's receiving parity pay with other local law enforcement agencies and retaining experienced staff; researched and created a detailed report to government officials, demonstrating that staff were relocating to other agencies due to pay issues.
• Wrote and submitted a successful grant request for the creation of a Warrant Research unit; unit still exists today.


1977 - Present

1999 - Present
Director of Informational Systems
Reporting directly to Major of Austin County Sheriff's office overseeing all technical projects. Act as single point of contact for over 20 government agencies, handling all data exchange and technology requests from staff. Execute all decisions on vendors used; develop specifications for vendors and recommendations for purchases; authority to handle all disciplinary matters up to, but not including, termination.
• Selected to research, develop, and write a successful budget request for a $5 million Training Facility; gathered outside support from numerous elected officials.
• Determined fiscal requirements and prepared budgetary recommendations for replacement PCs, staff promotions, and recruitment of new staff members.
• Independently coordinated complex "gap analysis" of the IJS, measuring differences between versions 6 and 7; saved thousands of dollars in maintenance fees and standardized growth ability with software. Collaborated with staff members in presenting results to Austin County agencies, resulting in successful conversion to version 7.
• Successfully rallied community support for the building of a radio antenna in the Austin School District; antenna is 1 of 17 towers in the new RDMT radio system, enabling full county coverage for all public safety agencies - Police, Sheriff, EMS, and Fire Department.

1994 - 1998
Lieutenant of Tactical Operations
Successfully led SWAT team to 3rd place in SWAT Police Olympics; SWAT team achieved and maintained the highest level of physical fitness in the agency for 3 consecutive years.
• Planned and executed specialized training with other agencies for SWAT team; involved specialized training from the military in dignitary protection, hostage negotiations, drug lab raids, the use of helicopters in SWAT missions, raid planning, and bomb recognition.
• Independently gained authorization from Fiscal and Command staff to purchase the first "threat level 3 vests" and other costly essential equipment for the SWAT team.
• Collaborated with Sheriff's office and officials in opening a third "courthouse" in the Marks building due to growth; ensured Courthouse security and the safety of all court participants by determining security needs and establishing procedures, becoming the benchmark for Austin Courthouse security.

1990 - 1994
Lieutenant of Personnel & Training
Instrumental in managing grant providing Basic Peace Officer Training to students from a 10-county region, with 17 groups successfully graduating. Austin County held the State grant for Basic Peace Officer training and held the state record for 3 years, with a 100% pass rate.
• Played a key role in writing and implementing four annual promotion examinations for

1987 - 1989
Sergeant of Patrol


University of Texas
Criminal Justice

University of Texas
Criminal Justice


Graduate of FBI National Academy, 2001
Professional License: Master Peace & Instructor License - TCLEOSE


Member, Austin County Sheriff's Officers Association
Member, CLEAT


Original Founder/President - Employee's Association for the Sheriff's Office
Cadet Training Coach - University of Texas

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