Senior Operating And Management Executive

Devin Saunders
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234

Building Corporate Value & Increasing Corporate Earnings

Strategic Business Planning / Human Resources / Sales & Marketing / Operations
Administration / Negotiations / P&L Management

Results-driven management professional with more than twenty years of successful experience in building profitable organizations within highly competitive markets. Broad-based general management and P&L management of all corporate operating, sales, marketing, product, and human resource management functions. Consistently successful in identifying an capitalizing upon market opportunities to drive revenue and profit growth. Effective customer liaison with strong interpersonal and communication skills.

· Contract Negotiations
· Regulatory Compliance
· Business Development
· Policy & Procedure Development
· Customer Service & Retention
· Purchasing & Materials Management
· Budgeting (Capital & Operating)
· Staffing & Management Development
· Recruitment, Selection, Training & Leadership
· Project Planning, Staffing & Management

Work History

2001 to Present
District Manager
($5 million budget, 22+ employees, 6 tractor/trailers, 15 diesel fleet vehicles, and support equipment)
Recruited by Saber to open a Service District in Lafayette. Researched, designed, and purchased $6.5 million of oilfield workover equipment from HYDRA RIG. Ordered tractor-trailer and vehicle fleet, built and developed support equipment. Interviewed and hired office staff, shop and yard hands, and field service personnel. Enforced all company policies including but not limited to Quality, Health Safety & Environmental (QHS&E), Drug and Alcohol, and Standard Operating Procedures. Set up and maintain all Master Service Agreements with customers. Administer and supervise safety program, safety and operations training and drug policy screening. Prepare job quotes as per customer specifications.

Selected Accomplishments:
C Achieved a goal of $450,000 monthly budget at 40% profit margin in a down market (1st Qtr. 2002).

2000 to 2001
District Manager
($12 million budget, 50+ employees, 9 tractor/trailers, 40+ diesel engines, 30+ fleet vehicles and hydraulic support equipment)
Recruited by Superior to open a Service District in Lafayette. Brought in existing equipment, set up office procedures using existing company procedures and programs. Interviewed and hired office staff, shop and yard hands, and field service personnel. Developed budget and pay scales. Supervised safety program, safety and operations training and drug policy screening as per existing company policy.

Selected Accomplishments:
· Grew district from one employee to 50 employees in less than two years.
· Opened district with two units and first month revenue of $30,000. Last month of employment, gross revenue exceeded $1.5 million with 45% district profit.
· Successfully handled transition of acquired company into existing company.
· Consistently achieved performance bonus for safety, revenue and profit.

CAMCO, Houma & Lafayette, LA
1977 to 2000
District Manager, New Orleans, Houma & Lafayette, LA
1990 to 1999
($10 million budget, 50+ employees, 17 tractor/trailers, 30+ diesel engines, 30+ fleet vehicles and hydraulic support equipment)
Managed all aspects of the district including daily operations, fleet purchasing and usage, equipment purchasing, rental and maintenance, office and field service staff supervision, invoicing and job quotes. Handled budgets including monthly, quarterly and yearly costs and estimates. Maintained safety program and industry safety rate that allowed a working relationship with major oil companies such as BP, Shell and Chevron.

Selected Accomplishments:
· Averaged a 36% district profit margin.
· Successfully increased profit 8 of 10 years, achieving performance bonuses based on safety, revenue, & profit.

Operations Manager, New Orleans, LA
1985 to 1990
Supervised daily operations and maintained equipment. Handled all calls for outgoing jobs, and set up crews and equipment to meet customer specifications. Supervised safety procedures and quality control. Maintained daily contact with customers on job or equipment changes needed to ensure quality operations with no downtime.

Supervisor, New Orleans, LA
1977 to 1984
Coordinated offshore and land crews on drilling and oil and gas producing rigs. Produced daily operating reports. Performed routine maintenance on all equipment.

Training / Certifications

OSHA Regulations
Quality, Heath, Safety & Environmental (QHS&E)
Environmental Waste Management
CTES Computer
NSC Supervisor Course
Frontline Leadership
Confined Entry
Water Survival
Helicopter Survival

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