Call Center Manager

Jean Adams
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Manager with over 7 years experience growing a business, reducing expenses, increasing profits, and providing strategic assistance. Industry experience includes telecommunications, financial services, publications, wireless services, and business services.


• Sales Forecasting • Achieving Sales Performance Goals
• Performance Analysis • Increasing Bottom Line Profits
• Quality Assurance • Staffing Needs
• Payroll Reporting • Recruiting and Hiring Personnel
• Analyzing Client Data • Revenue/Financial Reporting
• Supervising Management Teams • Revenue Growth/Expense Management


Acme Resources, Houston, Texas
2000 - Present
Provide strategic and tactical oversight of a $5.05 million call center with 13 managers as direct reports, supervise four shifts of 250 marketing representatives. Report to the vice president of operations. Participate on a sales team providing support and consultation in the area of operational expertise. Provide the chief executive officer with advice regarding feasibility of projects and quotes. Communicate with the company president/owner, information technology manager, human resource manager, senior training manager, and quality assurance manager. Interact externally with the vice president of vendor management and central listing unit managers on the account level. Major accounts include Reliant Energy, MBNA AmericaBank, and Dun & Bradstreet.
• Achieved as high as 140% for sales goal per day and 150% of plan for billable hours in 2001.
• Increased total outsourced hours by 17%, receiving the #1 Outsourcing Provider Award from MBNA AmericaBank, the largest global independent credit card issuer, in 2000 and 2001 for consistently exceeding revenue performance goals.
• Grew monthly revenue by 800% within two years.
• Recognized by Dun & Bradstreet as the #1 Database Vendor for management of their database maintenance program, which has led to the negotiation of an additional campaign.
• Participated in planning the call center's ergonomics to accommodate a growth in personnel throughout tenure from 12 to 250 marketing representatives.
• Initiated and implemented an employee recognition program for marketing representatives, which reduced attrition, reduced hiring and training expenses, and elevated morale.
• Developed and established an incentive program based on individual sales per hour, which improved the working environment and attrition, increased performance, and allowed the company to bill at a 4% higher rate.
• Participated in the development and implementation of the quality assurance department based on previous experience in this area, establishing monitoring controls and focusing on quality sales.
• Created training curriculum and served in a "train the trainer" capacity to facilitate program to training managers.
• Composed, rewrote, and edited telemarketing scripts for each client based on goals and objectives, identifying calling times to reach targeted audiences.

Zane Company, Houston, Texas
1999 - 2000
Senior Manager
Managed operations of a telecommunications call center. Supervised 5 team leaders with 216 marketing representatives and 8 verifiers on two shifts.
• Earned ranking as the #1 Vendor with Pacific Bell Telephone and #2 Vendor with Southwestern Bell Telephone.
• Based on high productivity, Southwestern Bell account expanded to include all telecommunication services.

Octagon, Inc., Killeen and El Paso, Texas
1996 - 1999
Branch Manager
Hired as a sales manager, consistently ranking in the top 10% company-wide. Promoted to assistant branch manager, managing wireless, credit card, balance transfer, and long distance services for accounts such as AT&T and Citibank. Achieved ranking in the top 5% company-wide. Promoted to branch manager, coordinating and directing a $6 million operation.


• Microsoft Office Professional 2000 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook)

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