Lead Developer Finance

Taylor Anderson
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


• 9+ years' experience in Programming and Technical Lead positions with expertise in commercial data processing development, project management, and technical design.
• Dedicated, hard working individual with the interpersonal communications skills to work at all levels of the organization.
• Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. Able to think "out of the box" and make critical decisions.
• Outstanding experience in developing applications that assist commercial operations to become more efficient, cut costs, and improve data dissemination and storage.
• Works well in teams or individually to achieve goals and objectives. Team management skills include planning, coordinating, scheduling, and budgeting. Extensive experience with Microsoft Project.


• Programming Languages: Java 1.2/1.3, JavaScript 1.1, COBOL, COBOL II, JCL, SQL, TRANSACT SQL, HTML, VBA, Perl, ABAP 4, and IDL.
• Operating Systems: OS/MVS, Windows 95/98/NT, and UNIX.
• Database Tools: SYBASE, DB2, SQL Server, MS Access, and VSAM.
• Development Tools: Microsoft Project, JBuilder, IBM Visual Age, Rapid SQL, Rational Rose, OS/MVS utilities and tools, UNIX utilities, PLATINUM, QMF, PANVALET, Endevor, NDM, FTP, Omegamon, TMON, BMC, Dreamweaver, Acrobat PhotoShop, and Popchart Server.
• Technologies: OOD, JSP, Java Servlets, Java Swing, IBM WebSphere, CORBA, CICS (Command Level), MQ-Series, and Microfocus.


JP Morgan (JP Morgan Chase), New York, NY
1997 - Present
Lead Developer
Responsible for developing and supporting financial applications for the AMS Mutual Funds AD Group.
• Lead developer for the redesign and migration of FAME to a web platform utilizing WebSphere as the application server. This front end of the Global Funds Data Store (GFDS) allows users to update current data contained in the GFDS system. It requires user authorization and was initially developed in a Client/Server architecture. Personally responsible for the development of the application framework, web page design, and web navigation. The application is now functioning as a secure Intranet web site.
• Assisted with the initial development of FAME. Incorporating the business rules into a variety of object behaviors that included GUI JAVA components and stored procedures for static data.
• Maintain and support the GFDS central depository for funds performance and valuation data. This depository contains all information loaded into the funds account service provider and requested calculations. Data is segregated into static attributes pertaining to funds and instrument levels and dynamic data such as valuations, trial balances, positioning, and performance data.
• Supported and redesigned the eFunds web site. This site contains mutual fund performance data that is calculated daily and loaded into the GFDS system from the FundStation application. Was able to incorporate POPCHART graphs and real-time PDF report generation. Performed the complete redesign and writing of approximately 80% of the code involved in the project.
• Supported and maintained a mainframe-based Private Banking Information Sytem (PBIS) that serves as an intermediary between the JP Morgan accounting systems and external recordkeeping systems (called DST). This system serves as the front end for customer transactions and an internal interface for the bank's accounting systems. MQ-series has been implemented to provide real-time money transfers through the Federal Reserve system and utilizes NDM and FTP communications tools.

JP Morgan (JP Morgan Chase)
Personally responsible for technical support of the domestic Transfer Agency mutual funds operation and involves independent work and lead of a development and support team.
• Supported a TA Database application that provided fund accounting and payment data that fed the custodian (BONY) as part of project LIBERTY. This support assignment involved client/server architecture, an Access97 database, and VBA.
• Facilitated technically the process of implementing and installing a new vendor's software into existing environments for business purposes. Packages included in this project included SDCM (Same Day Cash Management) and FANWEB (Web-based trading).
• Responsible for production support, crisis management, technical facilitation of external and internal user communication, ad hoc requests, control of different transmissions, troubleshooting of systems and applications, and tactical enhancements on a daily basis. In essence, the "go-to guy" technically when things needed improvement or something went wrong.

Bank of New, York, New York, NY
1995 - 1997
Senior Programmer
Responsible for support and functional enhancements of the Client Data Load System (CDL) that provides downloadable client data from a variety of hosting systems. The interface includes different types of destinations such as VAX and UNIX middlestations, TELEX and FAX communication facilities, and an Internet web site. The system utilizes a SWIFT format with an MQ-series for multiplatform, multisystem, multiregion communications and can alternately use NDM transmissions.
• Personally responsible for the online portion of the system and maintained all functions for the set-up files. Development involved the creation of multiple set-up and control modules, incorporating business rules, and program validation.
• Lead a team to convert the VSAM files to DB2. Responsibilities included database analysis and design.
• Lead teams of developers in all facets of the project life cycle, post-implementation production support and troubleshooting.

DTC, New York, NY
1994 - 1995
Responsible for designing, analyzing, and implementing the Money Market System. This project provided the ability to update versatile payment characteristics and input cash rates for a variety of short-term financial products.
• Performed database design, analysis, coding, and testing of programs for various batch and on-line functions as well as unit and user support, acceptance testing, screen generation, system maintenance, production support and documentation.

Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, NY
1993 - 1994
Responsible for working on various assignments on different financial applications. Enhanced the Securities Transfer System utilized for transferring stock ownership, certificate control, production of cash dividend checks, and stock-dividend distribution.
• Assisted in all phases of the project life cycle from collecting user requirements, preparing program specifications, coding, testing, and debugging batch and online modules. Prepared procedures and scheduled jobs as well as created VSAM datasets.


Polytechnic University
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

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