Drilling Engineer

Jordan Winters
604 Harmony Lane
Pleasantville, CA 94588
(925) 555-1234


Engineer with 18 years of overall experience in the oil and gas industry, with 7 years in drilling production and operations engineering. Project management experience includes preparing cost estimates, bidding the services and working with vendors, writing bid specifications, negotiating bids, preparing workover program, and working with drilling or workover contractor to supervise and coordinate the project. Additional experience includes budget development, control of expenses, billing of services, writing procedures, coordinating operations, and supervising an engineering team. Earned a degree in petroleum engineering. Computer skills include Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook), Lotus Notes, ARIES, PEEP, and VOLTS.


BURLINGTON RESOURCES, Farmington, New Mexico
1989 - Present
Acting Regional Drilling Engineer
Coordinated and directed drilling operations for the San Juan Basin. Supervised two engineers, a technician, and a drilling clerk. Interacted with other regional engineers within the division. Worked with the drilling manager to develop and revise the annual drilling budget and to control expenses.

• Supervised horizontal drilling projects that came in 25% under budget.
• Instrumental in developing under balanced drilling and completion techniques in coal bed methane development.
• Incorporated air/gas drilling techniques and saved up to $50,000 per well, while also enhancing project economics.
• Contributed to the development and implementation of a logistics management team database that eliminated the need to compile environmental impact statements, streamlined the process of data gathering and reporting, and improved the ability to track the progress and costs of each project.

BURLINGTON RESOURCES, Farmington, New Mexico
1982 - 1989
Petroleum Engineer
Managed various drilling projects. Wrote procedures for drilling, completion, and workover projects in the San Juan Basin. Negotiated contracts with vendors and prepared billing statements. Interacted internally with purchasing, materials, drilling, and engineering managers. Worked externally with sales representatives, safety engineers, field service engineers, and field personnel, including equipment operators, laborers, roughnecks, and rig hands.

• Overall projects ranged from $.5 million to $30 million.
• Completed 50 coal bed methane development projects.


Bachelor of Science, Petroleum Engineering

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